Lambda - What is this feature on CD Players?

Ok members help out an analog member here. Recently purchased a used CD Player that has this feature. Can anyone descirbe this feature and how it works or improves the sound?Many thanks in advance for your responses.
That is a great feature but it is spelled Labamba. Try playing some latino music through that player and you will see what I mean. Honestly, I don't have a clue
Lambda, the Greek letter as a math symbol, is universally used in physics and electronics for the wavelength of any electromagentic wave. Other than that, you will have to listen to any effect it produces. Using a familiar source CD, listen carefully while toggling it on and off and let us know your results. Good Luck.
Have you not tried contacting the manufacturer?
what is the modle number of your CDP?
This is a Denon 1560 CD Player. The Lambda feature is not
switchable. Will have to admit this CD Player is one of the better units I have owned.
I do not know what the Lambda feature is, I do know that the Denon 1560 is 15 years old now and possibly that was a feature that is no longer supported.

I looked at Denon's international web site and this model is no longer listed, even among the discontinued models. I say if you like it, play it and not worry about what they had planned for it.
Come on people! Lambda is the name given by Denon to their D/A converters, something about reducing zero crossing errors or something. I remember this from my low-end days. Here is a link that has a tiny bit of info on this topic. So its not a feature, its the type of D/A thats in the box. I found a link. Here it is.