Lak Needs Transport CD Assistance :-

I have two different transports (a back-up Conrad Johnson) and a (CEC TL 51 00Z in a secondary system) that have started to skip a second or two of music, multiple times per (clean or new) CD I play.
Can some one tell me what’s happening and why?
Do I need to send it back to the manufacturer for repair?
What do you suggest I do?
How expensive will it be?
Sincere thanks for anythought upon the problem.
Have a safe and wonderful holiday!
First you can try cleaning the laser's lens (be gentle) and/or checking the belt on the CEC if belt driven, but the first two suspects that come to mind are ...

The laser is getting tired, and losing it's ability to read the disc. Generally starts to skip, and eventually will fail altogether, and not read disc at all.

Second could be the spindle motor ... when they begins to wear out, and get tired, they can't ramp the CD up to the "proper speed" (RPMs) for the laser to read the flags on the CD.

In both cases, upon failure your display may read "NO DISC" or throw an error code.

You should send back to factory, or competent local Tech for servicing ... I doubt cleaning at this point will restore either back to thier youth.

I had the Laser assy. replaced in my Denon DVD5000 for just under $200 plus shipping. Not sure what a CD drive replacement would run. I'm sure someone at Conrad or CEC could give you a quote.

Good Luck and Best Wishes, Dave
Rat shack carries a good, but inexpensive, lens cleaning solution??? Worth a try...
Static charge, dry air..PS Audio transport I had did a similar thing. Cured with putting electrical tape on inside bottom of the chassis where some ribbon cables touched the chassis.Tom
Thanks for the information.
Any other ideas out there?
Larry, get a can of Invisible Glass at an auto parts store. Spray some on a Q-tip and gently touch the lens assembly. Let it sit for a few seconds. Remove extra by just touching the wet lens with a piece of toilet paper. Rinse with demineralized water and blow excess with canned air. Works for me.

When was the last time the lens was cleaned anyway?

Thanks all.
Good to hear from you Francisco!
I never cleaned the lens. I'll have to try it.
How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?
Happy holidays...
Cleaning the lens did the trick for the CEC unit. I have not tried it on the Conrad Johnson transport yet!
Great information, thanks to all and have a happy New Year.
Lak, what did you use to clean the lens?
Windex on a Q-tip, followed by some distilled water on a Q-tip, dried with a Q-tip and blown with a little bit of compressed air. I basically followed the advice of Psychicanimal with products I had at home.