Laid back that good or bad?

I've heard people say Mark Levinson is "Laid Back". Is that bad.I enjoy good music ,vocals and bass .Is this an amp that will deliver.MY SPEAKERS A B&W N802
When someone says "laid back", I think of it as the opposite of aggresive. I would ask the parties making that statement to expand on their thoughts... in comparison to what?... do they mean laid back in a good or bad way?

I would see "laid back" as very easy to listen to with no fatigue. "Too laid back" may not be as good. Some may think of it as maybe not the most detailed or extended sound.

I have heard the combination of Levinson amplification with B&W's and they do a fine job. Try and listen for yourself and compare to other highly rated amplification and let us know what you think.
I've listened to that combination on many occasions, and would definitely describe the sound of the ML and N802 together as "laid-back." While not a bad thing, it is definitely a preference thing. When I listen to rock, I prefer a bit more PRaT (Pace, Rythmn, and timing) than this combo offers, but it is purely a choice that is yours alone. On Classical and Jazz, however, this combo was outstanding. Audition for yourself: that's my only real advice.
I have a 336 that I use with the 802's and I cannot call it laid back. In fact I like the combo very much (obviously)
I listen to more rock and blues vs classical or jazz and have only found them lacking when the source material has not been recorded well. Some of the old rock sounds great,
in fact heart's "dreamboat annie" cd sounds awesome,but as you well know there are alot of opinions out there and the only ears you need to make happy are your own (and maybe your significant other) Auditioning equipment in this price range is the ONLY way to go.
Otoohot, I think of "laid back" and "forward" as terms relating to whether your system plays the music so that you get the sense of being seated further away or closer to the musicians you're listening to. In this sense, it is purely a matter of taste. I happen to prefer "laid back."

Obviously, different folks can and do assign other meanings to "laid back" (but I think in those cases the term becomes rather vague and redundant with other terms that are commonly used to describe audio system performance). Like Jtinn said, you'd have to know more about what people meant by "laid back" before you could make use of those comments you've heard.
Otoohot, the 336 is versatile in my experience. What's the pre you're using? I've heard a 336 play (with a 38s) "laid back" in the sense of being relaxed, detailed w/out being dynamic -- keeping me on my feet, as it were.

I also heard the same 336 rocking (or dancing, or hopping) with a very dynamic, tube pre. This was in the same system, we were auditioning pre's.

Choice boils down to whatever tickles your fancy, really!
Thanks for all your help,i had planned on useing a ML380s Pre amp