Laid back, or in-your-face?

I was doing some serious listening (there was no laughing involved) last night and I was a little surprised by how laid back my Krell/Kharma/Purist system was. I'm don't think any of these componants have a reputation for being laid back, but they are laid back!

Is your system similar in that respect or is it more of an in-your-face sounding system.

And then, which do you prefer?
My system can be laid back or forward (I'm referring to the forward plane of the soundstage) depending on the source. I have a laidback CDP for orchestral music and a more forward DAC for vocal, small groups, solo instruments, etc. I like the latter because it really brings the players into the room further and makes them sound a bit more like they might if they were live. You really can't do much for orchestral in that regard so I just go for the hugh sound stage effect. My turntable set up is on the laid back side as well - I no longer have room for two tables, so I'm stuck.
I assume you mean that since you were surprised it sounded laid back last nite that it is usually more forward, as in something had changed?
I've always considered "laid back" to mean mellow, relaxed or less detailed and "forward" to mean just the opposite, but maybe I've been wrong in my assumption. Going by my definitions of "laid back" or "forward", I consider my system to be forward. At low to moderate volumes it provides nice detail and full body with a wide soundstage, and I like it. Upon cranking the volume to LOUD levels, the system starts to become fatiguing within a short time. I've begun to recognize the value of a more "laid back" system, but is it possible to have the best attributes of both without compromise? That's the question...and the ultimate Quest it seems to me.
My Krell kps25s is pretty laid back sounding in my system. ( this goes for its digital section as well as preamp section )
My previous system with Krell FPB series amps and Avalon also, I would not call 'em 'in-your-face'.
Tvad, Perhaps at "LOUD" you are simply overdriving your room. Not difficult to do in a small to medium sized room.
Newbee, that's a definite possibility! :-) Are the candle holders supposed to dance across the table like that?

Yes, candle holders should 'dance' at higher volumes, the candles blow out when it gets loud!

For sure, I'm not the best to judge this, but I think and certainly hope that my system is both laid back and 'in your face' depending almost entirely on the recording and microphone placement.

About what time of the night were you listening to your system and do you live a congested area or the Country? What I'm getting at here is that in most case's when listening to your music after about 10:00pm to the wee hours of the am, your A/C mains are about as good as they are going to get and I know that in my system, music is lot better staged and tends to be more laid back and involving when listening at night. Also during the day there is such a higher DB level that are ears pick up from road noise traffic, waterlines, construction, microwaves, etc. etc. etc. in the environment that we tend to increase are volume levels at a higher gain during the day. Try doing some A/B serious listening during the day and set the same volume level at night. Who knows, maybe when you heard your system the other night, you heard it for the fist time.