Lady Blackbird- Black Acid Soul - great sounding new Artist

Just wanted to spread the word about this excellent sounding album.   It makes me think of a modern  Nina Simone.  great bass and nice depth.
Listened to this as well over the weekend as it was featured in Qobuz's New Releases.  I listen to all of the new releases every week - a very nice feature.  Definitely some good stuff and certainly very Nina-esque.
What a fantastic singer I noticed a touch of Patricia Barber in her also thanks so much for posting.

All the best
I will listen to the digital on Qobuz, but $60, for the LP including $20 for shipping, is a bit steep
This really jumped out at me when I listened to it on Qobuz.  Great stuff.  Rough Trade is taking pre-orders for a blue vinyl version.  $39.99 plus shipping.
@jperry I'm surprised it's not more widely available.  I think it's one of the best releases of the year.  Looks like her record company missed the boat.
I don't typically listen to jazz vocalists, though I mainly listen to jazz overall, but streaming this now and totally loving it.
Easily on my shortlist for album of the year. Best new vocalist I’ve heard in a long time. 
Wow!!! Thanks for bringing attention to her. This is definitely one of the top three albums I’ve heard this year. Beautiful voice and well recorded all the way through. 
Having just seen her on Later I was astonished at how old she is. Impossible to find her age on the internet too so some seriously big money must be behind her to pull that stunt off. I now think we’re talking new persona rather than new artist. Think Seasick Steve territory.
The lead singer is Marley Munroe, she is 36/37ish. She was signed to a forgettable Nashville “christian” pop label in her mid teens. If you’ve heard her speak, she got over that part of her life based on her apparent command of a few expletives we’ve all shouted when hitting our thumb with a hammer.

She/they are talented…just may have found their niche.
I know who she is. Would love to learn where you found her age though. My wife and I watched her on Later and she must have aged really badly as we both says 60s at minimum. 
Then she really has aged badly or has some kind of unspecified skin condition.