LAD - l2 Von Gaylord Pre-Amp

Hi everyone. Any thoughts on this preamp? How does it compare to other pre-amps in the same price bracket ($5000)?
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Von Gaylord products (especially their pre-amp) are amazing sounding... as long as you aren't focusing on features as they are minimal at best for the price.  However if you are looking for pure sound quality, they are hard to beat.  But if budget allow, I would recommend L2-signature, L3 (or even UNI) as they are significant step up over L2.  I had owned L2, L2-signature and now the UNI.
Von Gaylord products are terrific. I use their IC's and Speaker cables.

Almost everyone likes the tonality of the Harbeth 40.2's, right? Well, Von Gaylord's little stand mounted speakers are just as tonally correct for a LOT less money. 

Ray Leung, the designer of the Von Gaylord products is a nice guy, a gentleman and a down-right genius. 

Thanks guys. I am based in U.K. The significant problem of course is that there are no distributors here, so no demo possible unfortunately. Not sure why they haven't managed to establish themselves over here considering how highly they are rated. Ashame.