Lack of popularity of Chord???

Hello.  I’m wondering if anyone knows why Chord products are so rarely discussed on this forum.  I own and love a Chord Dave DAC/headphone amp, and I’ve considered including a Chord amp to go with the Dave, but I’m wary of this choice because Chord seems so unpopular on this forum.  Not that it is a popularity contest per se.  But is there something I don’t know about Chord products in a full size system?  I t would drive Sonus Faber Sonetto V speakers. I’d be grateful for any and all feedback.
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Thanks for the link.  It is almost all about Chord DAC’s, and I’m aware that these are highly regarded, owning several myself, but I’m interested in getting impressions of their stand-alone amps and other products.

They are strange looking products 

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the internet can be soooooo difficult sometimes 🤣🤣🤣
Chord gears are very highly regarded in the UK.  I guess it's too much of a trouble for them to establish a distribution networks here in the States.