Lack of Lamm customer service?

Purchased a used Lamm LL2.1 and emailed Elina about having seller ship directly to Lamm to have a Tech check it to spec and make sure all is well.

Haven’t gotten a reply back yet and after talking with another Lamm owner was told it could take ’months’ for something like this...

Is this true? I was also planning on getting the Lamm LP2.1 phono, new if I could not find a used one soon.. but if this is how their customer service is I think I will pass.

Many years ago I purchased a used Audible Illusions M3A preamp and loved it... then was offered a discount for the newest model years ago... I went for it and traded in the used for the new... then when I needed customer service it did not exist.. not at least in a realistic time frame... so I sold the preamp and never looked back.

I’m already starting to have buyers remorse....

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@rich121 - I normally email her; she usually calls me or emails me back toward the end of the day. The mailbox is full is normal. The restructuring is a new one to me, but I'll try to reach them tomorrow and see what's up. Last I was in contact with Elina was May or so, re getting tubes. 

Thank you for replying,
After I first posted the thread I tried to re-word the heading/post but too much time lapsed and couldn’t change. I could have worded it better.
Again, you are appreciated :^)

"Hi, I'm a Lamm Industries dealer and I'm happy to help. Feel free to DM"

Except don't reply....
Lamm Service

Last month I delivered my four Lamm units for service. I cannot praise them enough for the treatment I received. Very surprised to read anything negative about their products or service. Have been in the industry for almost 50 years recently retired. 
All the best

I just realized I have not updated this thread.
Elina did contact me, and I had their shop go completely thru the LL2.1 Deluxe preamp.
They have been going thru a company restructuring which caused the delay.  They did a wonderful job with the LL2.1 and I have been enjoying it.

Tomorrow I expect the arrival of a Lamm LP2.1 Deluxe phono stage.