lack of interest

I have placed about 15 components on the Gon over the past 3 years or so.Everything sold in a matter of days except for 2 components. The one is a pair of Eminent Technology LFT-8As. It was for local buyer only but living inbetween Milwaukee and Chicago I thought there would be someone that would love to buy these beauties. I placed the add 3 times. They might be sold now but the reason I am starting this thread is I am curious how many have had the same surprise. I had the oppisite surprise where I have gotten Emails just minutes apart for over an hour.
I think "local buyer only" really limits the number of possible A'gon buyers.

Rather than listing it that way, explore the costs of packaging and shipping to the East and West Coasts, and list it with the buyer and/or seller paying shipping. Have those estimates in hand when responding to offers.

Just my .02.

I put an add on Canuck Audiomart for unterminated Crosslink Interconnect and DH Labs Power Plus. Already cut up in various lengths for projects I never finished. I had buyers crawling over each other to get them. I now have an add for a mint set of Cardas Quadlink 5c at a good price, and nothing.

I guess you never know.
I agree with other feedback.Its probably the local thing not having enough interested in the area..I actually have thought about selling my Very loved Kharma 1.0 loudspeakers but do to not wanting to ship them I have the same issues....Good luck
I've had a similar experience lately. I have two pairs of speakers up for three weeks now, that are both fantastic and coveted speakers in their own right. Both at fair prices. My past experience has dictated that nothing I've sold has taken more than a couple of weeks to sell, with many selling within a few days and some in a few minutes. Speakers always seem to take a bit more patience, but three weeks is unexpected. I've had nothing more than tire-kickers and one (non-member) buyer who backed out after committing to buy. I think the market is a bit off these days myself. A good friend of mine had a similar experience with a preamp just recently - It took a month to sell, in spite of being a coveted component at a good price.

I'd have to agree that the market isn't hot right now. I'm guessing tax time has people taking a bigger hit plus the cost of gas has people thinking they can't afford spending on audio.

Thanks guys. I'm not complaining. I'm just surprised how things happen the way you least expect it to. Also I bought these from a local seller without the original boxes. I will be more carful of that in the future. The boxes for the planar elements is expensive.
I am only asking but could it also be you wanted too much money for them?
I just sold something way too cheap, I got many hits on the item and found out it was worth $200-$300 (so rare it isnt in the Bluebooks) more than I charged, oh well atleast it is going to a good home.
I can understand wanting a local sale for large speakers as I would be quite leery of shipping them. I think the price has to be somewhat lower and the seller should probably expect a longer wait for a sale to materialize.
High Chadnliz. I was asking just below the average blue book price the last two times I placed an add. They are a very nice looking speaker and very good sonically. But they are tall and that makes it hard to transport Pbb. So if the co-worker buys them he will have very nice speakers for very little money but they will be in a good home. Thats more important to me than the money.
For those of you who THINK you have "coveted" pieces at "reasonable" prices; that's not for you to decide. Buyers will decide that. If you're stuff was coveted and priced reasonably, it would sell - period.
Hi Saygrr
I have had a similar experience with some analog interconnects and 2 digital ICs (Van Den Hul and QED) that I put up for sale two months or so ago. Got pretty much no response for these products except from one member who took forever to consummate the transaction for the VdH IC. Havent re-posted the others since didnt think it was worth the additional $ and sold them locally. On the other hand my Bel Canto DAC just flew off the shelf in 24 hours! Wish the site had the ability to show whats hot and whats not or provide stats on movement (other than the days posted and no of views)
Best regards
I've had the same issue with speakers lately. I had what seems to be a wanted speaker, and it was the latest version, just recently introduced. I basically had to give them away. I think part of that is the market, and the other part of it is that not every one is familiar with latest rendition.
Perhaps that by starting this thread you will have gotten some free advertising.
Pawlowski, you are not 100% correct. Someone could still have a wanted piece of gear at a good price. It could be that the people that want it couldn't afford it (no matter if it was a good price) or it could be that the right buyer hasn't come along.

Most of the usuals around here know what sells and what a good selling price is. Most also know what an optimistic listed price is.
I also wanted to add a good word for Sound Anchors. Two of the end caps were damaged on the Sound Anchor stands for the LFT-8As. Called Sound Anchors to order new ones. Sound Anchors said
" You pay for shipping that's it". Shipping came to 63 cents. There are many good people and company's in this hobby.