Lack of Identification on FMS cables

Bought used speaker cables about 10 years ago from a local dealer who claimed they were FMS. I trusted him and never thought to inspect them, until just this week when I was preparing my speakers for shipment. I noticed the cables have nothing on them to identify them as FMS cables. In fact, there's no labels/markings on them at all. Is this consistent with FMS cables and ICs? By the way, these were very inexpensive; so, I assumed when I purchased them that they were FMS's entry level cables.
It depends....I have top of the line Vampire Wire spk.(over $2000 retail) which was custom made for me (actually my friend - audio dealer). Also no markings. I don't mind, seens I plan on keeping them for a while but if I decide to let them go......I will most likely have a hard time
proving that they are what they are. Will be forced to sell at heavy discount.
Well......there you have it.

Actually, that was my very concern.

I've been offered a fantastic deal on some out-of-this-world cables. So, I'll probably be replacing the FMS. If I do, I'll want to sell the FMS cables; but am afraid I'll have a hard time selling them if I can't prove that they really are FMS. I wouldn't blame any buyer if they thought I might be trying to pass off DIY cables for FMS.
I could be wrong.....but it might be an option.
Try to talk to a dealer or who ever made this cable to have it redress with original logo/markings.
Or during a sell - provide dealer's nr. for any questions.
Of course inform your dealer before hand.
My FMS Zeroes have a small wrapper around the cable with the name 'FMS' and a serial number.

Are FMS cables directional? I can find no arrows and nothing to distinguish one end from the other.
The FMS Zeroes are marked with an arrow on shrinkwrap(?) at the termination. I think I saw another thread here recently related to identifying FMS grey cables - it had a response from someone whom I took to be Alex Gibson (FMS owner/designer) or, if not he, someone very knowledge about the cables. You might look for that and send him an e-mail about your cables. Alex was always helpful whenever I communicated with him. Also, a Web address: