Lack of Female Representation

So who can explain the near lack of females in our hobby?  There are far more women discussing football than audio, by a long shot.  There are a lot more women into fixing up their cars as well.  I just can’t think of a hobby, other than ours, where representation is so close to zero.
I would suggest that women like great sound, but are not obsessed with finding that 1/10 of 1 percent gain for big $$$.  High quality audio is found in many ways,  if there is no testosterone driven need to be better than the other guy.

They see the end (great sound) rather than the means, gear.

My analogy is sports cars.   My wife had a Miata when we married 17 years ago.  She enjoys driving a stick shift and a convertible.   I am the one who sold it and bought a Mercedes SLK350 (more power LOL).  We love gear, they love the experience.

Funny aside, my current sports car is a 1958 Bugeye Sprite.   It feels like 90 when going 60 and everyone smile, honks and waves when they see me.  Last week two people rolled their window down to talk to me a red lights.  And my Bugeye does not have roll up windows, side curtains that live in the garage as I only us the tonneau cover!

Crap you got my back hurtin’ just talking about that car..

Rolls Royce, and a Chauffeur please, a newer version of any of the Bond girls will work.. Yes I love beauty, mini skirts, knee high boots and a Chauffeurs Cap. On second though, "Just Leave the Hat on" My buddy Joe Cocker. Forget the rest I’m a PIG... proud of it too..

If ya got it, flaunt it, when you get older, you cover it... ;-)

I think there’s no such thing. 1/2 of ‘Goners are women, they stay under the radar—they don’t read pointless posts written by men. 😂

Unlike others who are mansplaining, I asked my wife. She says it’s not the nature of most women to sit on their butts to listen to music, and also don’t have the luxury because they do most of the housework and take care of the kids. 
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