Lack of Female Representation

So who can explain the near lack of females in our hobby?  There are far more women discussing football than audio, by a long shot.  There are a lot more women into fixing up their cars as well.  I just can’t think of a hobby, other than ours, where representation is so close to zero.
Women don't get paid as much as men.  You also don't find a lot of poor people in this hobby.
Women just don't like men.. Except my Mom, she was perfect, yes she liked music. No they broke the mold..

UNLESS it's your Mom, then you know she's perfect, likes music and they broke that mold too..

Just Moms so far. So if you're lucky you get a twofer. 

A Mom that just happens to be a wife, pilot, referee, coach, nurse, cook, LOL add what you want.. Audiophiler, I guess you better off than most.

DANCE.  Now you know why there are so few... Dance Amigo...

Hat on the floor, as I slowly walk around the hat to the beat of the music an my faithful K-9 follows me.. I stop and slowly back around the hat... Olay.....
1) They just don't care 2) They focus more on music than good sound 3) They don't give a sh*%^&t about electronic equipment in general 4) They don't like nerds & the mansplaining of audio jerks ("my toy is bigger/better than your toy bla bla bla"). 5) They feel intimidated by blinking lights or the complicated looks of equipment 6) They are wiser in general, so they don't understand the "audiobug" we have been bitten by and why we are autistically searching for the last bit of performance. 7) Even if they are interested, they don't like it when they can be "blamed" for liking a men's hobby. 

I love to see more women in audio, but you cannot force diversity. Representation is not a fixed goal IMO. Each their own.
I think they are turned off by the men in the hobby. I mean, I wear white socks with sandals as a ploy in order to stay single, but what's your excuse?

So many of the system photos on this website show a cluttered room where a concerted effort to create a shrine to complexity is anchored by a single chair. Too many in our hobby are more interested in equipment rather than music. Few women hang out in rebuilding your carb forums but they still enjoy driving a car. In general I would venture as a group they find balance a little better than the average audiogoner.
It used to be know that men and women are different. They have different interests, motivation and priorities.

Somehow equality became corrupted by the idea of sameness. But We aren’t the same. I'm glad
I met a woman audiophile once! Back in '78 or '79 at one of the fall NYC HiFi shows. She was a rep for Polk. It was evening. We were alone in someone's exhibition room and we bonded over a discussion about audio in general as we looked over a nicely-setup Linn Sondek TT!
@ghasley +1

As a gross generalization, women like the music and personal relationships, and men like the gear and the science behind it.

Even though none of our systems is in a "dedicated" audiophile room, my wife has no interest in messing with the main system but she loves to play the garage/outdoor system, which is a simple streamer running Roon connected to a dac with integrated volume control - one remote for on/off and volume, and iPad for Roon, so it is easy to operate and she is confident using it. 

She would never consider posting on Audiogon, which she would find tedious, boring, and a waste of time, but she is way more interested in her relationships with family and friends and sharing photos and stories, in person, on the phone, or on Facebook.
I always assumed that a high percentage of the posters in audio forums were/are female.

Did I somehow get this wrong?

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My wife LOVES music but could care less in soundstage or placement of instruments and the such. Doesn't like sitting in one place but likes to listen to music while cooking or over dinner as background music. She's a music lover but not an Audiophile. 
So sexism is a part of this hobby.
There was nothing offensive in my post and yet some knuckle dragger took exception to it. Pitiful. Keep on talking about how they do the cooking and think, see and hear differently so that they can be pigeonholed like it's always been done.

All the best,
You guys are close. Now lets see what we have..

Ladies for the most part like the music not the gear..

Most ladies like to move around when they are listening to music.

That's right we listen they DANCE!

Me I just joined the party 50 years ago and haven't set down yet.

As for thinking the people here were a bunch of women, I didn't think that at all, I thought it was more like "girly man".  A bunch of little boys AND girls... BUT little when it comes to name calling.. LOL 

About a "FUSE"!  Might as well as committed an act of WAR...

Taking one side or the other.

I think "BREAKER", I take no side. I take MY SIDE!

Expensive cables, I love expensive cables. I just don't like paying for them.. SO I make my own. I take no side. I take MY SIDE!

Every problem I've encountered in my audiophile life has an answer, SO FAR!.. My answer.. :-)


It's just not this hobby, it's all hobbies, except those hobbies that women are more attracted to, like maybe doll collecting, etc. I race cars, motorcycles, karts, and sailboats. There are a few women in each sport but we'll never see a 50/50 mix. I don't really care about the underlying reasons, it just is. 
The wife has a very nice system that she keeps in the living room.  For a while she had a Linn Sondek and still has a decent selection of LPs.  Yeah, my high end system, coupled with the fact that I have a special room for it, does garner its share of flack from her. But what can I say? We met at the record store.
why is the high end purse market dominated by  women? 
Is it sexist that not more men buy $5000 dollar handbags? 
Leave people to their interests, makes the  world an infinitely more interesting place. 
@yuviarora - 5 posts in and you nailed it!
Labels can like a broken clock, right twice a day but wrong much of the time.
Could it be that differences in their physique lead to a different breaking of the sound waves😱
Maybe 25% of Audiogon posters are women? How would anyone know based on on the non-gender-revealing screen names typically in use here?  You never know.....
Anyone remember Elizabeth and the crap she went through here on A'gon. Sometimes her gender was called into question once anyone who argued with her started to lose an argument and long after she left. 
She seemed to be the go to when someone had a grudge.

All the best,
Who cares how many women are in this hobby? I doubt it is due to any other factor than the hobby itself and if it is should we or the hobby change to accommodate? Sameness with be the death of us all and is an abominable concept. 

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I understand but they are there in the hobby but they are usually not outspoken about it and a lot of women do not have the time or make the time to sit down and listen as much as men do but i have met a few of them over the years and they recognize good sound right away.
To be perfectly candid this thread strikes me as virtue signaling of the highest order. It is sexist in the extreme. If we want to attract more people to the hobby then fine, attract more people. The minute you start slicing and dicing people into classes, well then you can no longer say people are people. You have denigrated the divine individual to no more than a member in a class. There’s a word for this and it ain’t good. So you lost me.

Especially since I am quite certain this is virtue signaling with zero chance of anyone seriously considering the question. Because that would call for noticing this:

We recently had several threads expressly created for the sole purpose of aggrandizing music that is misogynist. Not just aggrandizing, calling it masterpiece level music. Even though no one can find so much as a single lyric that is not demeaning to women. One of the more famous ones, even though it was in French, turned out the woman in the song was- get this- masochist. She was masochistic and so she went with the macho dude she knew would mistreat her. This is what they came up with when asked expressly to find a song that is not misogynist. We are talking just about women here so we won’t even go into the racism, profanity, and drug abuse glorification aspects of rap.

So you want to attract more women, you got your work cut out for you. A public rebuke of the people who contributed to the rap threads will be a start.

I know, fat chance. That’s the thing about virtue: painlessly easy to signal, incredibly painful to actually embody.
Sorry, but my guestimate, @ this point in the thread, is that in excess of 50% of the responders are female.

The InterNet is full of the unknown.

To be perfectly candid this thread strikes me as virtue signaling of the highest order. It is sexist in the extreme. If we want to attract more people to the hobby then fine, attract more people. The minute you start slicing and dicing people into classes, well then you can no longer say people are people. You have denigrated the divine individual to no more than a member in a class. There’s a word for this and it ain’t good. So you lost me.
Especially since I am quite certain this is virtue signaling ... That’s the thing about virtue: painlessly easy to signal, incredibly painful to actually embody.
I think Millercarbon is trying out for Tucker Carlson's job.
Women like interacting with others; men with things.  The psychology and evolution behind this are overwhelming. 

Bags and jewelry are a noisy factor in the model.    
My Mother loves music for sure and has a nice Mid Fi system. Moon by Simaudio ACE, Rega P3, Audiolab CD transport and Sf Sonetto 1. She listens to mostly Pop and Jazz.

My daughter has a nice Mid Fi system also. Project Carbon TT and Pathos Classic Remix with Focals. 

Virtue signaling? rilly? I thought it was a simple question why more women weren’t into high end audio. 
I nominate MC for both Fox News hifi and chief virtue signaling correspondent. 
When we figure out why we fat, balding, horny old coots want exceptional stereo we’ll know why they don’t.  Oh.  Never mind.
When I went hunting for new speakers, my wife's goal was "I just want it to sound good."

This isn't an income disparity thing.  Women just tend to not care about the same toys men do.
I wish I could count the times I "got lucky" due to the fact that I did pay attention to my my date, significant other, spouse. The icing on the cake WAS my Audio system and it's ability to set the mood with realism, depth and dynamics!  Long live the likes of Luther Vandross, Keith Sweat, Sade and Barry White.😘
Pretty much for the same reason that men are underrepresented in hobbies like cross-stich/quilting, sewing, dancing, cooking, yoga, etc... It’s time to stop asking this goddamn stupid question and recognize that although there are allot of overlapping interests, on the extremes men and women are actually very different and have different interests. 

That should win you the award for dumbest first post ever although I suspect it isnt your first post. Just your first under this username. How very unfortunate that you feel this way.
As soon as you quit trying to figure out, WHY, you have the correct answer.

YOU CAN'T figure out women.. PERIOD. The person that says they understand women including other women are really whacco. 

I'd LEAVE, you're about to get some real REAL bad advise...

I'll go a step further. That includes everyone on this earth.. How well do you know any one person?

My pet friends... that's different.. Hearts as pure as the finest gold. FEED ME, RUB MY BELLY... No question about their motive...

PEOPLE, for the most part, everyone changes. From the first meet and greet to who ever gets to throw DIRT on the other's casket FIRST.

Do you ever really know someone? Male, Female,

Conjoined Twins, do they know each other? I still, think not..

What make us human is OUR secrets.  Not what other think they know about us..

See it all the time on AG.

People telling other people what they can or cannot hear.. NOT what THEY can or cannot hear, what OTHERS can or cannot hear..

Especially women, they don't want to hear total ignorance, bantering as intelligence. Statements that "Confront" out of ignorance are avoided most of the time to begin with.

Most people prefer to be admired, or at least ignored not chastised for a lack of knowledge. 

In other word, a good lookin person gets away with more than an UGLY person, EVEN if the ugliness is ONLY verbal. KB warriors are a great example..

It's not good enough for some to express an opinion, they (the other person) has to agree in order to pass someone else's scrutiny.  When in reality, NO ONE has to be in agreement about anything.

It's  self aggrandizing on a universal scale of a ca zillion Zillions.

You know the audio2design approach to everything.. On meds, OFF meds, On Med, OFF meds..

Manic, then depression, MANIC, then DEPRESSION... Like a Yo, Yo on and off the meds. With BOOZE he start really actin NUTS and back on the meds... You'll see a new name will crop up.. soon. Just left under what name? AGAIN..

Same reason WOMEN want nothing to do with the joint.. Play "Misty" for me anyone? Nutty dudes runnin' around calling each other names behind 150.00 fuses..

Time to pet the kitty... AY?
I would suggest that women like great sound, but are not obsessed with finding that 1/10 of 1 percent gain for big $$$.  High quality audio is found in many ways,  if there is no testosterone driven need to be better than the other guy.

They see the end (great sound) rather than the means, gear.

My analogy is sports cars.   My wife had a Miata when we married 17 years ago.  She enjoys driving a stick shift and a convertible.   I am the one who sold it and bought a Mercedes SLK350 (more power LOL).  We love gear, they love the experience.

Funny aside, my current sports car is a 1958 Bugeye Sprite.   It feels like 90 when going 60 and everyone smile, honks and waves when they see me.  Last week two people rolled their window down to talk to me a red lights.  And my Bugeye does not have roll up windows, side curtains that live in the garage as I only us the tonneau cover!

Crap you got my back hurtin’ just talking about that car..

Rolls Royce, and a Chauffeur please, a newer version of any of the Bond girls will work.. Yes I love beauty, mini skirts, knee high boots and a Chauffeurs Cap. On second though, "Just Leave the Hat on" My buddy Joe Cocker. Forget the rest I’m a PIG... proud of it too..

If ya got it, flaunt it, when you get older, you cover it... ;-)

I think there’s no such thing. 1/2 of ‘Goners are women, they stay under the radar—they don’t read pointless posts written by men. 😂

Unlike others who are mansplaining, I asked my wife. She says it’s not the nature of most women to sit on their butts to listen to music, and also don’t have the luxury because they do most of the housework and take care of the kids.