labratory tube amplifiers / wolcot amps

I have 2 pair of monoblock amplifiers 250w ea with 6 el34's each side. They are optimization labratory amplifiers made in the 70's to test sound pressure levels inside of airplanes for boeing. (or thats the story)

They were developed by the gentelman that is now wolcot audio. Would it be worth the freight to ship these to him and let him check them out (they are in great condition)because they are very heavy.

According to the instructions the amp was just a part of a system that probably was some sort of a psychotronic cia experiment, not really but that is what it looked like.

Has anyone else heard these amps? I need some instruction on what the knobs do on front or where do I set them and what do they do.

I think these could be dangerous, but if I had some new knobs machined out of metal and redid the front panel they would really be killer (no pun intended)

I recall these amps being listed on Ebay some time back, but that is all that I know about them (the jist of the listing was like your story). Probably more deadly than the amps are the mail/parcel carriers and if you ship them take special care with the boxing/crating.
The best solution would be to call Hank Wolcott himself. He is friendly and knowledgeable and based on the numerous conversations I have had with him, he seems to remember the details of all his projects.

What most people do not know, The Bureau of Standards in Washington D.C. uses his test equipment as the standard for measurements. That certainly says something about his design ability.

I've sold 7 pair of Wolcott mono blocks in the last twelve or fourteen months. One pair of Presence went to the Dallas Symphony Conductor. He owned a very high end transistor amp, and after ten minutes in front of my system, made me call Hank at home and order that evening (shipped overnight Fed Ex).

Short answer is call Hank. Send them back to him if he says you should.

In the end, if the performance can be made even close to the new Wolcott Presence mono blocks, it is worth the time and money to do so.