Labels Up Volume on Vinyl Releases

The kids are jumping on board...

Labels Up Volume on Vinyl Releases
Try visiting any record store near a college and you will be surprised. Here in Las Vegas Nevada, it's Zia Records. They sell DVD's, new and used CD's and Vinyl. Last year their New Vinyl section was small and filled with hip hop and indi releases. I drive by once a month or so, last visit it was twice as large and filled with reissues. I am 55 years old I am not the demographic they are selling too. Kid are buying vinyl. I for one am wondering why? Is it anti pod?
Few years back you couldn't find a record store in my neighborhood. Now you can find few with very nice selection.....what is even more stranger.... young, very young people that are usualy standing by vinly sections, listening and or drinking latte to the sound of records.
Vinyl resurection is deffintly felt where I live. The community changed and it is more hip and trandy - new studios, art galleries , book stores and art driven businesses are opening every week.
I think, it is a new trand that is all. Something to do with being different, original, geeky I guess.
I bet you tubes are next on their list.......then...forget about those nice NOS Amperex, Mullards etc.