Labelling CD-Rs

I just bought a CD burner (Pioneer PDR-05). The instructions for the audio CD-Rs say to label with a water-based marker only, and DO NOT apply adhesive labels. The water-based markers I tried just sit on top of the plastic and wipe right off. Anyone have a specific suggestion?
I label mine with a Sharpie pen - works great if you let it dry for about 15 seconds before touching it. -Kirk
I have used Sharpie Markers with good results.
Pick up a package of Sharpie permanent markers at Staples or Office Depot or other office supply store. The "twin tip" version gives you both a thin line and a somewhat fatter one. And Pioneer is right. Don't use a label. You'll have fun with the burner. Enjoy.
Buy a sharpie at your local drug store. I think it sould read do "not" use a water based marcker.

Write on the inside clear part of the CDR. Some people I know say that the ink can effect the dye on the other side when written on the panted side. I'm not sure of this, but it doesn't hurt and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Also, for information concerning CDR's check out this site. "They have great information"
Thanks folks. I've got Sharpies a plenty and thought they might work, but was concerned about the ink "bleeding through". I thought I'd benefit from those who've been there before. And I will check out that web site, Ramstl.
i use the cd marker pen that came with my blank cdr's (TDK 30 pack 80 min) and its like a sharpie pen. I ve found that it works great no bleedin through..
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