Label protector for steam cleaning on VPI 16.5?

Has anyone come up with an effective device for protecting record labels when steam cleaning directly on a VPI 16.5? I have seen the GrooveMaster and other similar devices (dent pullers)which appear to be better suited for hand washing. I want to be able to apply steam while record is rotating on RCM platter. Device should be able to fit under thraded knob which comes with 16.5. Thank-you for your help.
Try using one of those soft silicone round thingies used for taking stubborn jar lids off. You can put a hole in the center to fit over the spindle. Put record clamp over that.
Problem solved!

P.S.(You can make your own from pure silicone caulk found at hardware store. You just need to make a template for the size you want like the lid from a mayonnaise jar.)

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TTWeights sells exactly wat you are looking for
Actually that won't work. It is 3.45" in diameter so as not to interfere with the wand of the 16.5. A record label is 4" min diameter. It would not cover the label completely. Basically, what TT sells is a high-end clamp to replace the cheap plastic threaded one that comes with the 16.5. Good thought anyway.