La Scala II problem

Just a few days ago I received my new La Scala II's unboxed them and set them up. I noticed that from one speaker there was only a faint music signal coming from the HF box and nothing from the LF. I verifed connections and swapped the speakers - the issue followed the speaker. I pulled the jumpers off today and once again on the HF taps - only a faint sound and when on the LF taps no sound. Tech support has suggested that this may be a network issue, but aren;t these things tested prior to leaving? The boxes were shipped via a dealer so there were no UPS or FED-EX abuse issues.

Any thoughts or suggestion would be much appreciated.

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Its not your job to trouble shoot a brand new pair of expensive speakers. Tell the dealer to get his ass out to your house and fix it. They should have never left until they had the speakers set up and working.
All very true, but for the dealers benefit he merely delivers the product still intact. These are tested at the factory. I'm sure that if I wasn't so inpatient the dealer would have eventually come out to repair.
I did pull the back cover off as instructed by Klipsch tech support and sure enough one of the leads was disconnected how that happened I have my thoughts but can't be sure. However now I have a functioning speaker and life is good.
I'm very glad you have the issue straightened out, but FYI - even if a dealer has something drop shipped directly to you, the reason the speakers are being sold through a dealer as opposed to factory-direct is that the dealer is being paid to handle customer service. You are paying the dealer a healthy margin and they should be happy to help you resolve any issues. That's what they're paid for. Take advantage of the services you are buying. BTW, I hope you enjoy the speakers. I recall listening to Klipshorns in my youth and, while they did have certain horn colorations, they had an impact and immediacy that was very nice to listen to. Enjoy.