LA International DI-30 Signature Digital Cable

Any opinions on this coax?
Absolutely wonderful. However, I'll be open and tell you that I love his product line anyway. I used his DI-20 with XLRs for the time that I used an outboard D/A. Great cable. Long break-in on all of his stuff, but well worth it. Try not to make any judgments for the first 100 hours or so. Put your transport on "Repeat" and let it go 24/7 for 4 or 5 days, then have a listen.

P.S. Lou's a great guy.
buscis thanks for the reply. Did you happen to compare the lat to any other digital cables?
Kbuzz, No, I did not try any other cables due to the fact I was running balanced and there are not a lot of XLR terminated digital cables out there for auditioning.

However, I never bombed with LAT. His stuff has become a lot more expensive since I purchased my cables some time back. So considering present day pricing it was a serious value.

The thing I like about LAT is that doesn't draw attention to itself. It's VERY quiet. So it's very revealing. You may find cable out there other than LAT that sounds "different", however I'm not really sure it's gonna sound "better".

I believe Lou still offers a 30 day trial period. If you end up trying one, how much you wanna bet you won't send it back? :>)