L.P. compatibility issues?

Has anyone ever experienced this? I put a record on my turntable tonight and it only played at 128kb, instead of 192kb or even 328kb, so I tried to upgrade my record with the current operating system only to find out said record was to old. So I said to myself, self, just go buy a new record that has current updates, so that's what I did. I then get home, place record on turntable, fits no problem, then blam, no sound at all because the new record with the new upgrades isn't compatible with my old record player!!

Well, you know what, no ones ever experienced this cause records don't suck, only wadia 170i's suck, and only apple products suck, so the two of them can suck it. Screw PC audio, I'm buying more cd's and a turntable and some vinyl, because it actually works, pretty much all of the time. Ahhhhh!!

I'm done now. And by the way, I hope everyone had a good Christmas, seriously!! :-)
Damn B, don't sugar coat it !!!!
Thank you.
I had to laugh.
Being a Luddite myself, i do not like stuff you have to go find an update to use.
(My little rant: Which is why BluRay sucks, and I still do not own any BluRay players or movies IMO)
Time to lay off the eggnog, B Limo!!! Or perhaps he is channeling PettyOfficer??
Lol, okay, I've had some time to breathe, the sky is blue again, all is well. Whew. So I got the ipod touch gen 4 to work for about 10 minutes, and then nothing again. The ipod touch gen 4 is just not compatable, so don't try it, save yourself the hassle. Thing is, when it was working for those 10 minutes, spotify on the high resolution sounded great, so after work I am trading my 7 year old nephew my 4th gen ipod touch for his 3gs iphone and then all should be well! Sorry about the rant lastnight, I was kind of upset.
Thanks for a very good long laugh!
Hearing this kind of stuff just reminds me that I'm glad I am not willing to go there...yet. And it seems to get even more complicated as time goes by. Should be the opposit.
Ahhh! Okay, so after spending the evening at the apple store clearing out my brothers old iPhone (3gs) and updating it to ios6, I get home, spend another half hour downloading spotify and pandora and then I put the phone in the wadia. Battery on phone indicates that it is charging (a good first sign), play spotify ya! It works... For 12 seconds then stops, then starts, then stops. I was like f this and f that and f wadia and f apple and f the world (only in my head of cours, as I don't curse out loud), so I get in my car, rush to best buy as a last ditch effort, buy a new iPod touch, gen 4, 16gb, rush home, download spotify (this time in 5 minutes) and voila! It works! For longer than 12 seconds! Holy wadia, it works!! Sheesh, if I knew it would only take 4 days of non stop irratation, grief, research, 2 iPods and 2 iPhones, I would have done this months ago. Yeah right. Wadia 170's and apple products should be sold with about 40 Zanex, 15 somas, and a couple Vicodin for good measure, to go with the bottle of whiskey that you pick up on the way home from purchasing your wadia and apple products.
Seriously, I am 34 and am totally intimidated by technology and rightfully so. It is only getting worse,as was stated above. So my iPod is never leaving the dock and I am never updating it in the hopes that it might actually continue to work, until that is, a mandatory update will keep it from working in the future, at which time it will become a target at the range.
Okay, so I've got to set the record straight here so that I don't steer people wrong in the future because of this post. First off, I'd like to say that I'm finding out in my old age (34) that I might be wrong more than I'm right; ouch, that was tough, because I'm also proud and hard headed. Okay, so, what I've found out is that all of the ipods and iphones I tried would have worked except for the one that I bought of craigslist (that one had been dropped and fixed, so I bet had it not been dropped, it would have worked too). The problems that I ran into were actually the result of spotify not streaming highest quality audio at certain times (usually at night) because of bandwidth issues. When you run into that problem, just select a lower rate on spotify. Anyways, I would say that %95 of the problems I ran into were user error / insufficient knowledge. So, does crow taste better with A-1, becsuse I sure have been eating alot of it lately and figure I should learn the best way to prepare it!
34, old age? I have jeans older than you !!!! :)
OMG Tp. I just stopped laughing. At 59, I really don't remember 34. Might have been the additional recreations.
Lol, thanks for the laugh guys! In all honesty, 50 is the new 40, so you guys are still young! Actually, age is just a number and I plan on being young at heart, yet wise for my age, my whole life. Cheers!
Really? Crap. Even with this new (age) math, I'm still a year older than my wife. 8^}