L'Art record cleaning solution

I am thinking of buying some L'Art record cleaning solution and a Walgreen steam cleaner as well. I was thinking of using the L'Art and then steam cleaning the record after.

Does this sound like a reasonable approach?

Are there any negatives to the L'Art solution?

Maybe the steam cleaner by itself is enough, I do not know.

Any comments are welcome


I just recently picked up a Shark Steam Cleaner and mounted a jig in my garage which consisits of a bent rod with a loop to mount and hang the record for cleaning..I was totally shocked at how good my first attempt was to clean with only clear bottled water..I also have a diy motorized record cleaner and found that now after steaming I only need to use a light ( dry or wet ) application right on my turntable ( discwasher or dry brush ).. I haven't had to use my Vacuum record cleaner since..I would assume real grungy records will need a pre-cleaning but as is the Steam Cleaner is the best yet...No contact with record to produce more static also..........
thanks Thorman,

I may just do that, steam cleaning and nothing else.

I am considering the L'Art because it gets good reviews and is simple to use but if there is no significant difference without it I will just steam clean them.

If you mean L'Art du Son, It got very unfavorable reviews on Audiogon. I was going to use it, but after the reviews I only steam when necessary. I use a dampened microfiber cloth for the occasion dust removing. My records are as clean sounding as CD's.
Philjolet: I also have found that with the Record cleaning fluid ( when cleaning badly soiled records ) that I have had much more luck with a sprayer attatchemnt on my cleaner fluid bottle..It uses less and covers that record entirely...Now that I am using steam, I don't expect I will be buying much ( if any ) record cleaner....
thanks, I do mean L'Art du Son (sorry)
Philjolet: My experience Steam Cleaning reflects that you can use any record cleaning fluid from home-brew to $$$$ , provided , you are steam cleaning the LP: That removes the cleaning fluid. Audiogon has two threads detailing steam cleaning. You should review these threads. The first Thread (now discontinued) is worth a read except the last several weeks that are worthless in regard to steam cleaning ( that's why its discontinued). Be awaire that several AG'ers have published complaints concerning "L'Art" , so buyer be awaire. As for steam cleaning using tap or distilled water , reams of print from Joe Da Audio-Head to Ms. PHD have been devoted to why that is not a good idea , but the decision is yours to make. As someone who has been steaming LPs for near a decade and 1/2 , I can only suggest be prepaired to buy steaming units more frequently should opt for using regular H2O. Always remember, a gunked up/stopped up steaming unit while "on" is a-kin having a bomb in your hand. Safety First. All the best.

a very thoughtful response. I had not read the negative about the L'Art and will look for those. Also thanks for the tip on the water for the steamer.
I have both L'Art du Son AND a steam cleaner. Without the steam cleaning, L'Art du Son was the best of the cleaning fluids I used however when I mixed up a litre batch and kept it for future use, after 6 months there was murky black fungus wafting around the bottom of the container. Since using the steamer, I find only a distilled water final rinse is all I require.

I have read about the fungus, maybe that is what Crem1 is referring to.

Do you mean when you use the steamer you do not need the L'Art and just rinse with distilled water instead?


Correct...........I now use only the steamer and a final water rinse. No cleaning solution! I find it cheaper and better.
Philjolet : The water matter has been tramped in a dearth of opinion & fact. An argument can be made for the use of water only & Halcro is a proponet of that view. The challenge revolves around what constitutes "pure water" and "distilled water". Several chemists have suggested that since no actual goverment standards with penalities exist , the only way to assure water standards is to purchase labatory standard. Other disagree. The choice is yours to make. Lots of other issues on the matter have been outlined in the Threads mentioned including a Water Thread.
To Philjolet:

I am using a NittyGritty machine, home brew recipe, and steam cleaning to clean my records, with good results. I got the home brew recipe from the internet. The brew consist of: lysol, kodak ortoflo, distilled water, and alcohol (not rubbing alcohol). I don't remember the exact proportion of the mix, but you can find it here on the AGON or google it. I also use BioKleen Boc Out stain Cleaner with enzymes. Here is how I proceed:
1. Apply Steam to the record (one side at a time)
2. Clean record (one side at a time) with the NittyGritty machine containing the home brewed cleaner.
3. Apply the BioKleen to one side of the record, let it sit for about one minute. Then clean that side with the Nitty Gritty machine.
4. Apply the BioKleen to the other side of the record, let it sit for a minute, then clean with the Nitty Gritty machine.
4. Apply distilled water one side at a time and use the nitty Gritty machine to clean both sides (one side at a time).
Let the record relax for a few more minutes before you play it.
There you have it; my secret weekend ritual. My wife think I am CRAZY!!!

Note: Some folks will warn about using the BioKleen, because of the enzyme content; but although I don't know much about Chemistry, I have been taking the trial and error approach. I have also tried the Audio Intelligent Super cleaner and Enzyme cleaner, and I really can't tell a great difference between mine and theirs after I complete the cleaning and listen to the record. I am not trying to say that theirs does not work, because it worked really well compared to how I used to clean my records before I started to experiment with cleaners. I usually took a lint brush or a rag to the records, and it did not do anything to the ticks and pops. So give it a go and see what happens. I would recommend that you use the recipe on a record that you don't like before going full tilt with the cleaning process.
Almandog : Your wife is correct , except your crazy like a fox. Thanks for your input. The steaming revolution continues ... All methods ... always moving forward.