L. Armstrong, glue prob, Complete Hot 5 and Hot 7

I just pulled out my copy of Louie Armstrong "The Complete Hot 5 and Hot 7 recordings."

The 4 discs reside in paper pockets that are glued to the case. The glue has migrated to the discs or the discs have slid over to contact the glue. In any case I have glue on the discs. It is still sticky and does not want to come up with gentle rubbing. I've contacted Sony and expect a replacement, but I thought if you had the set you might want to check it.
For a second there, I thought Lance Armstrong had a glue problem in
addition to his alleged doping problem.

Thank goodness it was only a sticky Louis Armstrong record.

Anyway, how about a product like Goo Gone. Try it first on a record you
don't care about though...perhaps "The Partridge Family Reunion" LP.
They are CDs, guess I should have mentioned that, and there is no way I'm experimenting on my Partridge Family collection.
I don't blame you for not touching the Partridge Family collection. It's
pretty much sacrosanct around our house, as well.

Seriously though, check out Goo Gone. It might do
the trick.
Be CAREFUL...Goo B Gone, while it is great stuff is VERY CAUSTIC...it will take the finish off your car as well as the road tar...I know because I did just that. You might try something less powerful such as a 50/50 mix isopropal alcohol and a very soft cloth, if that doesn't work increase the mix of alcohol until you have tried 100%. Make sure you rinse the CD afterword to remove any residue. You might also try Shine-O-La CD cleaner after you try the alcohol, the Shine-O-La should remove any residue, I've had good luck with this Shin-O-La stuff.
You might try something less powerful such as a 50/50 mix isopropal alcohol and a very soft cloth.
That's a good suggestion, too, and it's something I have personally tried, unlike Goo Gone, which I have never tried.
Is the glue tacky? If so, try your freezer.
Once frozen, use a fingernail to chip it off-hey, if it works with bubble gum....
Be careful not to crack the disc-hold it on a very flat and hard surface.
the goo gone would work, and it not really that strong, it is a citrus based oil, and will not harm plastic.
I actually had forgotten about this but a new copy arrived in the mail today from Sony. Evidently I wasn't the only one with this problem as they changed the package so they are in conventional, snap-in, plastic trays, not paper pockets.
Have you ever bought a cd where the price tag is stuck directly on the cd jewel case? You try to remove the price tag, and of course, the price tag comes off, but the glue remains. Sucks doesn't it? Here's a trick I use to take off difficult adhesive: Get yourself a piece of duct tape or other strong adhesive tape. Use the sticky side of the tape to pull the stuck on adhesive off the jewel case. Repeat until all the adhesive is removed. It works like a charm! Give it a try!

Actually Goo Gone WILL Dissolve some plastics, so be careful. Isopropyl Alcohol would be better.