Kyrocera Home Audio

Once I owned a Kyrocera d-801 Tape Deck,

Now Kyrocera is in the fastening business 

They purchased a top Staples, Nails, and Power Tools Co.

Kyrocera / Senco Fastening Systems, based in Cincinnati, OH


This should not be a big surprise. The markets are pretty much monopolized by multi national companies. Their main product is $$$. That's what they do best and what they have the most interest in producing. The products they produce are merely a tool to make more of the main product...$$$. If it makes them $$$, they will make it. They apparently didn't make enough $$$ on their home audio market. So they move on. They had no real desire to make the best audio product they could make. Nor did their stock holders care. Everyone involved wanted a good return on their $$$. Nothing wrong with making a profit. It is necessary to every business. But whan all the passion is spent on chasing the $$$, the product always suffers. Thank God, there are still some who's passion is to make good products...the best product.

Kyocera has always been a diverse company.  Their start was in ceramics, but they've applied that to everything from printers and copiers to audio and cutlery.

Sadly, the stint in audio was short lived.

I still own the A-710 integrated amplifier which I bought in the early 80's.  I use it sparingly in a secondary system and it looks and works great!

kyocera stopped making audio gear around 1989, but their stuff was really, really good--they were sort of the japanese mcintosh, with much better build quality than the plastic junk trotted out by their peers. i still have their 861 receiver and a matching cdp--their tape decks and turntables were also first-rate.