Kyocera CDP owners, remote control?

I was fortunate to pick up a mint Kyocera DA710cx CD player off Ebay for my office system. $200 Shipped! What a beautiful machine, sounds good in my system too. The only thing I really wish it had was a remote control. I've searched the 'net for info but came up with nothing. It has a remote control input on the back of it so it did have provisions for a RC; I'm not sure if it was meant to accept a wired remote control or a module that plugs in and uses a wireless remote. Anyone know whether it takes a wired remote or a wireless module/wireless remote? Any ideas on where I can find a remote for my player? Thanks, Jeff
Jeff, did you pick that up from a seller named "moneybuzz" ? Sean

Different dude, TokatLAN060 (fellow Canuck)
The reason that i asked is that there was a local guy ( Steve aka "Moneybuzz" ) that had been trying to sell one of these on Ebay for about a year. People would bid on the unit and then never follow through on the purchase. It just so happens that he also does a LOT of business selling remotes. You might try contacting him via Ebay's email system and see what he knows.

Other than that, i remember these machines when they first came out. The only cd players worth buying back then were the Kyo, ReVox and Nak units. Everything else i listened to way back when sounded like hell. Some players still do... Sean

Moneybuzz will not sell to Canadians, although he well sell to anyone else. Evidently he has had three Canadian buyers bounce cheques on him, but in checking out my feedback is willing to make an exception and sell to me. I may contact him, but quite honestly due to my own personal quirks would prefer to do business with someone who doesn't assume all 30 million Canadians are unscrupulous. I was in Chicago this week and will be again in January, I'll give it some thought. As for the Kyocera, it's a bit bright but sure does reach deep into the music, and for $200 well worth the investment. That being said my vinyl rigs kills any digital front end I've yet to hear, but CD's are suitable for casual listening.
If all Kyocera CD players used the same remote, I believe I have what you're looking for. I own a (broken) Kyocera CD player (DA301??) and the remote is functional and in good condition. Email me if interested.
Jeff, Just thought I tell you that I also own the Kyocera DA-710cx and this unit did come with a remote and the remote's model number is the RT-710cx and it's wireless. That remote input that's on the back is so that the CD player can be remote-controlled in a system using the optional remote control center Kyocera RC-101 and the remote control transmitter RT-102. This info is from my owner's manual on page 5, and my unit does not sound bright to me at all even when using it on speaker's noted for being bright. I bought this DA-710cx when it came out brand new from a dealer along with two T-910 tuners. One of the tuners has only been played for two minutes and put back in the box. The 910 and the 710 have been used day in and day out all these year's and have never been serviced in 16 year's. You bought yourself a great CD player and I will look out for a remote for you. Dave