Kvart & Bolge speakers. Has anyone tried them?? Seem like a bargain for what they do!!

I saw a 2014 review on CNET blog by audio maven, Steve Guttenburg about a one driver speaker made by Kvart& Bolge.. The speaker is a 32 inch high column that is 4 inches wide and uses a transmission line enclosure. Amazon.com ( yes Amazon) offers them for $349.00 plus shipping.  They come in a variety of stunning veneers, and according to SG, and other buyers are very musical with decent bass.. They work best in a small to medium size rooms

 The testimonials on Amazon.com are very convincing even if coming from non-audiophiles. I have been looking for a second speaker to possibly use in a near field set-up, or just to play around with..  So, has anyone tried them??  Or is this just Amazon hyping a mid -fi product??   Thank you.