Kuzma Stogi Reference vs. Nottingham Hypersapce

I am thinking of buying one of these turntables. Would anyone care to comment on these TT?
My precent system includes the following:
Townshend Mk III TT
SME V tonearm
Wadia 16 cd player
MFA Luminescence A-4 pre-amp
VAC PA 80-80 amp
Locally made speakers
assortment of cables
Both are equally good tables. I would however recommend the Mystic Mat on either.

The difference would be that the Kuzma has the resonance absorption/rejection built into the table, while the Hyperspace would probably require a more rigid platform.
I'm not sure purchasing one of the two tables you mentioned would be a upgrade from your current turntable/tonearm set up. If I were your shoes, I would keep SME V arm and look for a table that mates well with SME V(one you own).

How are you using the Silicon dampening of the Townsend table with SME V arm?(or not using it at all?) Have you disabled/not using Townsend dampening mechanism?
I am using the silicon damping trough with the SME V arm. It is not an ideal situation. If the arm is to be able to rest at the end of the trough, then on long playing LPs it will not track til the end of that side. Aside from that I am very pleased with the way the arm works with the TT, especially with my recent Shelter 501 addition.

Your comment on the two tables is interesting. My impression of the Hperspace is that it is definately quieter then the Townshend. Do you have personal experience with the two decks and/or the Townshend? I would think that from your point of view, my upgrade path would be through a Townshend Rock Reference or a SME TT. I could shop for a used Rock Reference, but they are hard to find. And the new Rock is something like $7,000. Do you have in mind some other TT that I should be looking for.