kuzma stogi

does anybody know that arm.what does it compare to and what cartridge to put on.
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I have a Kuzma Stogi and I have used Benz cartridges on it for as long as I have had it. I now have a Benz M2 (M0.9) wood body on it and it mates well. The arm is used with a Sota Nova Series V TT with the Cosmos armboard.

As for comparisons, if I'm correct the Kuzma is in the $1500 range. It compares well in that price range to the lower level Graham and SMEs (which are also highly recommended for SOTA TTs), and if you're on a budget it will be less expensive than the higher end arms from those vendors, without sacrificing a lot of quality in the process.

I don't know what TT you are using, but in addition to the Kuzma you may want to look at the Hadcock arms that are referred to as the "poor mans" Shroeders. I have my sights set on a Shroeder Model 2 at $2400 as an eventual successor to the Kuzma.

The key is to make sure your TT, tomearm, cartridge and phono stage match well together. If you can tell me more about your system I may be able to give you more specific information. Feel free to email me if you like.
I'm using a Stogi reference and also have a SME V. I like the Kuzma better.
I had a Kuzma Stogi Reference arm for about 5 years and the Shelter cartridges are an excellent match with the Kuzma arms. I have since got a Schroeder Reference which does better it but IMHO the Kuzma is a very good arm for the money.
Dear Clio: +++++ " Hadcock arms that are referred to as the "poor mans" Shroeders. " +++++

I don't know with what system " some body " named in that way. I disagree: the Hadcock is a good tonearm but certanly is not at Schoeder level.

Btw, the Kuzma tonearms ar very good ones and all depends with what cartridges were mated.

Regards and enjoy the music.
i have a Kuzma Stogi and the unipivoted StogiS both arms are absolutely top sounding and super solid built...the boss of the german/austrian distributor told me on the phone, when i was ordering silicone fluid for the StogiS, that he thinks the cheaper stogiS sounds even better than the more expansive Stogi...i would say at least that the StogiS sounds as good if not a tad better than the double as expansive Stogi...plus you have the possibility to use really different compliance carts because of the silicon dampining of the arm. both arms have a one piece cabling, the stogiS has Cardas its bigger brother Stogi has Van den Hul...by the way a friend of mine had also a Kuzma Stogi and now has a Stogi Reference too and he preferred both over a Linn Ekos...

Regarding the Hadcock, it was something I ran across in my research (here on Audiogon) as I was looking for information on Schroeder tonearms. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with the statement and as you have read in my post I have already decided to upgrade to a Schroeder Model 2. I like my Kuzma, but after 6 years it's time for a change.
thanks to everybody, very helpfull.pat