kuzma stabi

Anyone have experience with the original Kuzma Stabi turntable. Impressions? any thing to watch for? I have not been able to find a review
All the reviews I see are for the Stabi Reference. I am asking about the original Stabi with the oak plinth. I know stereophile did a review in May 95 issue, but I cant find a copy
I've got the Stereophile in question.
Reviewed by Guy Lemcoe and compared to Well Tempered turntable with Fountainhead base.
More transparent, significantly lower noise floor, and better pitch and timing than the WTT. Cartridges used in evaluation were Roksan Shirz, Dynavector DV17 & Benz Micro Glider. Also noted broader and deeper soundstage than the WTT.
"Every parameter that I placed in stock in in assessing the performance of the WTT was redefined by the Kuzma."
I love them.
Saw reviews in whathifi, positive-feedback, and 6moons.
Google kuzma stabi review...
Read here
Hi Manitunc,

I own a Kuzma Stabi with Stogi Reference arm. It replaced my modified Well Tempered arm and table. I chose it after hearing the comparison at Guy Lemco's home when he was doing his review. I agreed with his write up except I found it was even more beneficial for maintaining steady tones, such as piano cords, and had deeper and more impactful bass.

I consider the arm and table to be very well engineered and constructed. It is substantial. Other than belt replacement, mine has been trouble free for about 15 years.

If you happen to own any reissues done by AcousTech Mastering you may note the Kuzma Stabi/Stogi combination was good enough to serve them in their mastering work.