Kuzma Stabi XL

Can anybody tell me anything about this TT and the Kuzma Reference arm? Also, any ideas for a $1000-$3000 cartridge.
kuzma is distributed in the usa by muse. the stabi xl and reference arm is one of the top 3 tt/arm combos i've ever heard. plus, the xl is a work of sculptural art, just by itself. this tt/arm needs something more, tho, than you're likely to find in a $1-3k cartridge. the two sessions i've had with the xl included an insider reference gold ($10k, msrp) and a koetsu onyx platinum ($7.5k, msrp). i preferred the insider. -cfb
I posted my views on the Stogi Reference on the Vinyl Assylum. I think it is a wonderful arm. As to the opinion that $3k wont allow you to do justice to the set up, madness ;-) I use a Koetsu Rosewood currently and plan to buy a Shelter 901 shortly.