Kuzma Stabi S without rubber O-rings. Need advice

I have heard from several that the O-rings are the turntables week point. My plan is to do a modification myself and I need advice. Have anyone tested without and how have you done it?
I appreciate all tips...
Mapleshade does a mod on the Kuzma Stabi S which make tiny points under it instead of O-rings.
I own a Kuzma Stabi S and Stogi S arm. i have it stock.
One way (cheap) you could try out this sort of mod is to just remove O-rings, and place a hard wire under spots O-rings go in. The hard wire would act very similar to any point. All you need is a proper size short bit of wire under each O-ring spot. (even cut bits of a slender wire coathanger, or really hard bits: tiny stainless steel screw studs from hardware store. ((studs are screws with no heads))))
Worth a try.
(I would not do it as I am satisfied)
Thanks for your tips! I Am curiuos and your tips is easy to try. I let you know my findings.
Yes, let me know if you like it better with hard support instead of O-rings.