Kuzma Stabi Reference vs Avid Acutus

I have a Kuzma Stabi Reference with 4 Point arm and Dynavector XV-1S cartridge. I like this combination a lot. I have been through a few high end turntables before ending up with this set up, including the full spec Linn LP12/Ekos SE/Radikal/Keel, the AMG Viella and the Rega RP10. The Kuzma is to my ears a clear step up on all of these turntables and sounds extremely good.

But I've had the turntable for a few years and that is a long time for any component in my system. I tend to lose interest in components after 2-3 years - and often a lot sooner - and start looking for something else. I have found myself listening to more digital than vinyl for some time (I have the excellent Lumin X1 streamer). I have therefore been giving some thought to trying a different turntable, and perhaps something with a bit more character than the very neutral Kuzma. I am willing to trade off some accuracy for a "musical" sound - one which is fast, dynamic and tonally rich - and can tolerate some coloration or inaccuracy. 

The Avid turntables seem to be very highly regarded, and I am thinking of the Acutus or even the lower priced Sequel SP (I have read that some prefer the latter). I would probably keep the 4 Point arm. 

I doubt that the Avid turntables would be a real upgrade on the Kuzma in absolute terms. But would it be a significant enough change of direction, and would it be the right direction?

Getting a demo against my Kuzma is going to be difficult, so I would be interested to hear from anyone who has heard both the Kuzma and Avid turntables and can comment on how they differ. 
Love my Kuzma most of the tables the OP is looking at will be either a side move or downgrade IMHO.
vortrex, I stand corrected. It is indeed a suspended turntable. I had thought it was designed like the M but it does have a 2.5 Hz resonance frequency. In that case the difference between it and the Avid come down to looks only. 
You said more musical ever consider going vintage? A nicely restored Garrard 301 or Thorens TD-124 would certainly give you a different flavor and skew in the direction of musical.
I spent some time listening to the Kuzma last night and it really is a fantastic turntable. I'm starting to agree with the comments that it would be virtually impossible to improve on it without spending ridiculous amounts of money, and the turntables I have been considering are almost certainly not upgrades.

On further thought, I will keep the Kuzma and possibly add another - cheaper! - turntable/arm with a totally different character, such as a PTP Solid with maybe an Audiomods arm and a good MM cartridge.
Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.
I am puzzled by this thread. I appreciate you fancy a change. What sort of change?
More bass?
better imaging?
better pace?
Where do you find the Kuzma wanting?
Why have you narrowed it down to just one deck?
For the record, whenever I've heard an Avid I've always really liked them - a bit like an SME with s bit more bass and to my ears at least - warmth. I know that everyone waxes lyrical about the Kuzma, but every one I have heard I consider to be tad dull. Why not try out different cartridges?