Kuzma Stabi Ref/Stogi Ref vs TW Acustic Raven One

I'd like to upgrade my Kuzma Stabi/Stogi TT. Stabi/Stogi Ref is an obvious choice. How about TW Raven One with Ortofon 309S? Has anybody compared? How much improvement would be a better arm (4Point, Graham)? Or a better TT (Raven AC, KuzmaXL) for three times the price? Thanks a lot.
The Ortofon AS309 is a very good arm period. For the price it is exceptional.
It is more relaxed sounding than the Phantom, however the Phantom does have slightly better dynamics and VTA adjustment and a lot more expensive.

The great thing about the raven (besides the sound) is the ability to mount two arms very easily and enjoy them both.

I have the Kuzma Reference with a Triplanar arm. It is an outstanding combination. I was considering an XL for a while, but in the end, I could not justify the price difference.

Wish I could comment on the Raven, but I haven't had the opportunity to evaluate one.
As a dealer I have the Stogi Reference and 4POINT tonearms here, as well as the Feickert turntable which can also be fitted with those arms. The Stogi Reference is an outstanding arm, but the 4POINT in a different league altogether. Breathtaking.
One of my audiophile buddies owns a Raven AC with Triplanar, Airline and a Kuzma Reference with Airline. 90% of his time he listens to the Kuzma. He says, the difference is huge.
Thanks for info. Looks the 20 yo Stabi ref still competitive.