Kuzma Confusion

An 8 year old Kuzma Stabi is misbehaving. My dealer is stumped and I need help. When I begin to play records the platter spins VERY slowly - sometimes I must "encourage" it with gentle assistance. Once it reaches 33 rpms it maintains constant speed. I replaced the belt last week; the oil reservoir is full; the table was just re-leveled. When I remove the platter and turn on power the capstan reaches speed immediately and I cannot slow it down with finger pressure. What ails my only source?
don't know what's changed but it's always a good idea to tae the strain off the motor by hand starting it before switching the motor on. Most motors will thank you by remaining trouble free for much longer.
So far as I know, the Stabi as sold in the US came with the external PS. If you have that it sounds like it should be checked out.

My Stabi is over eight years old and continues to work just fine.
Two more thoughts - when you replaced the belt, did you clean the motor pulley and the inner platter contact areas? Even a small bit of contamination might cause the start up slippage because of inertia.

If all else fails, contact Elite Audio Video Distribution, the US distributor.
In case anyone else has this same issue the culprit was a blown zanor in the power supply which also caused a cap to blow. Mr. electronics repair wizard also mentioned there is an extremely accurate quartz timer in the P.S.