Kuzma 4 Point Tonearm

I am thinking of purchasing the Kuzma 4 Point tonearm to mount on a TechDas lll Premium TT.  I have read every review I could find but would like to hear from anyone who actually uses one.  Please share your experiences in set up and use.  One final note I have considered the 9” version but like the ease of changing VTA on the 4 Point.  

Yes, sure love analog...it’s become more pronounced since I departed the military and get to enjoy life and music more since I am not traveling much anymore. 
But, the Dohmann Helix is a heck of a machine. Looks wonderful. What model are you getting? I was seriously considering the Transrotor Tourbillion which is close to the price class of the Döhmann Helix One Mk.2. Now, I have some research to do. 

Look forward to your listening impressions of the Döhmann Helix when you get it. 15 weeks is a long time to wait for that beast, holy cow. 
Interesting feedback regarding the Kuzma 4point mechanical antiskating vice the magnetic antiskating of the Schroeder. It would be interesting to measure lateral antiskating bearing resistance/friction of the Kuzma vs the Schroeder. What I am thinking is if the bearing has excessive friction and somewhat sticks causing antiskating to be problematic. I don’t think you have to worry about that with the Schroeder, outside the magnetic field losing its magnetic properties for whatever reason. 
Dohmann table and Schroeder just terrific although I only heard the first gen table. I don’t know about the second gen. I almost bought gen 1 but money was a little tight at the time.
The Kuzma 4P is a very soft sounding Arm, good for slow music with nearly no dynamic swings or for very analytic sounding Systems. When you want to push the reproduction to a "bite" you need an extremely sharp cartridge, like Coldfinger, Air Tight or vdH. The majority of carts sound more or less in a way that there are no real differences. It makes the choice of carts pretty simple. Maybe a Transfiguration is overall a very good balance with that Arm, it is worth a try.


Interesting feedback about the Kuzma 4P. The Kuzma 4P is one of the arms I am looking to add to my system, but, as I get tidbits such as this, it’s slowly becoming less of a contender.

Not wanting to derail the 4P discussion, but, Do you have any alternative tonearm recommendations for the OP and community at large? Specifically, ones that are not soft sounding and can play any types of music with reasonable quality besides just slow music? I think this would be of value to the OP and community at large. Thanks. 
We ran the 4-point at one of the last T.H.E. Shows in Las Vegas (showing with Sound Lab) and got Best Sound at Show from Dick Olsher.

I played Massive Attack and a good number of other cuts that put any system through its paces and the 4 Point handled it all with ease.

If looking for another arm of similar caliber the Triplanar is an obvious choice; I think its actually a better arm but clearly both are excellent.