Kuzma 4 Point owners - Do you use damping?

Hi folks,
I have a Lyra Delos mounted on a 4 Point on a Satbi Reference.

I find my left speaker woofer bouncing quite a bit more than the right speaker woofer (on the majority of flat LPs, not warped) due to subsonics, but the soundstage is well spread and vocals centered. Not that I can hear anything from the subsonics, but I find it unnerving looking at it. And I have no "subsonic-off" switch on my equipment.

I think my cartridge is mounted "precisely" as far as I could, but I have no test tool to check for Azimuth or anti-skate.

I cam curious if anyone uses the damping trough on the 4 Point arm. Will damping help?

All other advice are welcomed too.
Thank you.

PS: I used to be a Rega user, so it's fascinating that I have so many parameters to play with...
Using the damping trough empty is not a good idea. It is there for a reason. I don't have the kuzma, but do have a graham supreme. I put damping fluid in my trough. I am sure kuzma tells you how much to start out with. Less is more.
Having only one woofer affected sounds like like an alignment issue.
Yes, your problem could be alignment. However you didn't mention what kind of platform and stand your table sits on.
Hamburger, having gone to all that expense and not having everything aligned well is unwise. Either do it yourself if you can or hire someone to do it for you. As for damping, just try it. The paddles for horizontal and vertical damping should probably just skim the surface of the damping fluid, but it's free to experiment. The 4Point is an amazing tonearm when set up correctly.

Good listening!
It sits on a Solidsteel 5.4 rack and it was leveled properly. I also checked that the cantilever is straight and true in the mounting.
If possible try moving the location of the rack your TT is on. It is weird that it's happening only with one speaker though.
Congrats!! You have a good combo

Is the problem affecting all LPs played?
Thanks, everyone for chipping in.

Areas to investigate:
1) alignment issue
2) rack placement

Alright, let me try them out and I will report again.
A friend is going to lend me his fozgometer. So let me check the azimuth and anti-skate first.

Just an update.
I have used the Fozgometer with the Analogue Productions Ultimate Test Record. Both channels' needle pointed dead on at "20" on the meter, although my Lyra Delos channel separation specs 30dB at 1kHz.

The best reading I got was "20" after tweaking the azimuth a bit; clockwise and anti-clockwise.

I have read somewhere (but forgot which thread) that the aim of the fozgometer is to get both channels equal and not for matching the channel separation specs ("20" vs 30dB). Am I correct?

Yes, you are correct about the Foz. The idea is to get both channels to read the same, or as close as possible.
As the Foz manual states, the actual values on the meter don't matter, just that they are matched.
Thank you guys for the confirmation on the fozgometer.

Next, i will play with the damping and report back again.

I have almost the identical setup: Stabi Ref + 4P + Kleos/XV-1S.

No troubles at all by using both damping devices, half way down, but due to pure sound reasons!
But also without any damping the system is by far more quiet as anything else I have experienced so far. I can judge this upon digitalized records, where the Kuzma has amazingly low noise floor with and without any filter throughout the whole band Range.