Kuzma 4 point and SME 20

I have a SME 20/2 turntable with a SME V arm. I would like to try a Kuzma 4 point on this turntable. Will the arm fit the table? I know Kuzma is making armboards to fit SME cutouts, but will the arm get enough space between the towers/pillars?
Personally I believe you would get more performance by changing the table, The SME is a very fine table but it is not a particularly musical table, it sounds very clean but lacks some of the drama and liquidity of today's best designs.

I would keep the arm and ditch the table.
Fosse, if nobody has experience with this combination, contact Kuzma directly - kuzmaltd@siol.net. I'm sure he knows that and he will answer you.
Thanks Amater, I will.

What turntable would you recommend Audiooracle?
Audiooracle, have you heard the SME 20 with different arms in a familiar system in order to be able to isolate the sound of the table itself from the SME V arm?

I take it from your comments that you want a table to impart some kind of sonic signature, ie "drama and liquidity" and not serve as a neutral platform. I'm not saying the SME 20 is in fact neutral, but that is what I interpret your comments to mean, which is a very interesting view.

I have always read that the SME V is the weak link in an SME table/arm combination.

Which table would you recommend as a platform for the SME V arm?
I'm sure it will be one that Audiooracle sells. He's a dealer.
Interesting. His comments are now seen in a new light. What products does he sell?

Audiooracle, would you like to rejoin the conversation and share your recommendations?
Hi Peter. If you look at his past threads you will see he has a history of these kinds of posts. I believe he's a dealer for the new Merrill Williams TT and the Kronos TT. Not sure what else he sells.

To me it's in poor taste for a dealer to denigrate other brands. Especially online. To top it off he did not disclose he is a dealer.
Looking at the Kuzma 4 point, the way the arm is offset to the right of the pillar then i reckon it would be well out of the way of the suspension pillars of the Model 20. I've got a Model 20/2 with a IV arm fitted. Out of interest one day with a friend we tried a number of arms to see what we could fit on the turntable. A couple of older Audio technicas would only fit if the overhang was waaay, way over and a Dynavector DV 501 was a hopeless case and would never work. Anything by Rega fitted and an Ortofon AS212s cleared the pillars by a millimetre or two but we had to use an L shaped din pug on the bottom of the pillar for the RCAs or the tonearm cable would push on the bottom plinth and force the top one up and out of level.

It was all fun but a bit pointless as the SME arms work so well with the SME turntables and the IV arm is no exception.

Audiooracle, i prefer the records to produce the musical interest, not the turntable they are played on.