KUDOS to Music Direct

I recently purchased a demo piece of equipment from Music Direct. They quickly shipped it out and I received it without shipping damage.
I hooked it up and started it up and all was good until I went to use the remote. It wouldn't work.
I opened it up to check the batteries. They were horribly corroded and had leaked out.
The next day I put in a call to customer service and explained the situation. Without question they immediately ordered a replacement and apologized for the inconvenience. 
Now that is what I call Customer Service.
Having had bad experiences in the past with other companies, it was refreshing to be treated as a valued customer.
Kudos to Music Direct. They deserve recognition.
Jed, if you're talking about the New Record Day review of the GR-modified Elac, know that he is talking about the "advanced" mod---there is also a "basic" one, much cheaper with most of the other's benefits.
Good to hear that they stand by their products.
As for vinyl, they will not replace defective records; they include LPs in the no returning of software policy. Don't care if it is defective.

That is why I don't buy vinyl from them. I only deal with Acoustic Sounds. I have never had a problem with Acoustic Sounds replacing defective vinyl.

live and learn. Now I'll only buy from SS Direct, I'll try Acoustic Sounds next time.
Another way of looking at this is what a sad state of service folks are used to when all a company has to do is the very minimum one would expect and yet it warrants a post extolling their virtues of exceptional service.