KUDOS to Music Direct

I recently purchased a demo piece of equipment from Music Direct. They quickly shipped it out and I received it without shipping damage.
I hooked it up and started it up and all was good until I went to use the remote. It wouldn't work.
I opened it up to check the batteries. They were horribly corroded and had leaked out.
The next day I put in a call to customer service and explained the situation. Without question they immediately ordered a replacement and apologized for the inconvenience. 
Now that is what I call Customer Service.
Having had bad experiences in the past with other companies, it was refreshing to be treated as a valued customer.
Kudos to Music Direct. They deserve recognition.
That's Interesting, I have seen a lot of negative comments on here about Music Direct in the past year. Maybe they are getting their act together.

I've only had first rate service from MD

+1  I order A LOT from Music Direct and have always had excellent service.  Holly Smith is my go to gal and she is fantastic.