Kudos to Madisound

Too often I've read unfavorable feedback about audio retailers, so I thought my experience with Madisound should be told as an example of good customer service.

My audio tech needed me to get him a few caps for my crossover. My prior experiences finding the right size caps have been a misery. This new search started out like the past ones. I contacted the usual suspects, first by phone and then by e-mail for advice and a sale. As per past experiences, phone calls were not returned and e-mails were not answered.

In the deep dark recesses of my mind I remembered a Magnepan forum singing praises of Madisound. I gave them a call fully expecting to leave a message and then follow up with an e-mail. But that was not the case. I was immediately handed off to their in-house tech (Adam) who took whatever time I needed to find the right caps for my crossovers. That was on Friday, my caps arrived on Tuesday.

I will no longer have the dread and misery of ordering electronic parts, Madisound has my business.

I'm sure I'm not the only member of Audiogon who's received good customer service. Please tell your stories.
they are a great resource for finding drivers and repairing older speakers when i don,t want to spend premium prices for origonal parts. madisound is my first choice when looking for help in this area. first rate personal service too.
I also have had dealings with Madisound. I've refered people to them as well. If you email them, you can expect a reply, and it doesn't take long. If I need help with a speaker issue, they are my first, and usually last call.
Agree Madisound is a good place to buy speaker kits, raw drivers, and most of the stuff to work on speakers.
If one cannot find the exact replacement for a damaged speaker part, Madisound is the place to get an answer, and a good replacement.
PartsConnexion up in Ontario, Chris Johnson's company (he was a principal of Sonic Frontiers), is also very good for electronics parts and tubes - they try very hard to help.
I have used Madisound and they are great. I use Partsexpress with success as well. Totally recommend these guys.
Haven't used their service yet, but i have heard a couple of positive reviews from colleagues.