Kudos to Dan Wright of Modwright

Last week, my Modwright SWP 9.0 Signature phono stage had a problem. Both channels went out, and after some tube swapping to no effect, I called and talked to Dan Wright. Dan said send it to him, he would do the repairs with no service fee. He measured all performance criteria, everything matched to extremely good tolerances. He then used it playing music, and also turned the gain up quite high with the stylus just sitting in the groove, and found the unit to be very quiet, just the normal amount one might expect with a tube unit.

It turned out to be just bad tubes, and true to his word, no service fee. All I had to pay was return shipping, and for new packing that I asked for since I never had the original box.

I have owned this phono stage for around eight years, and have had several occasions to speak to Dan, and he has never been anything but welcoming and helpful. He is a jewel in the realm of audio manufacturers and designers.

I do appreciate that kind of treatment, as would all of us.

Regards, and Happy Holidays,

Also Dan  
I had the same experience with Dan. Excellent service on my pre-amp. Accessible and a joy to work with. 
I have found Dan to be very forthright, honest and dedicated to his craft. When my 9.0 outboard power supply for my modified SACD player had an issue, he not only repaired it, but modified the circuit so that in case it suffered another catastrophic rectifier failure the resistor that blew would not blow in the future.  It has worked great ever since. Love dealing with guys like Dan!
This is what "High End" is all about! What a pleasure to be able to deal directly with the designer and builder of your hi-fi equipment.
Impressive!  Something to take into account when buying new gear. I've owned two different MW digital sources (Logitech and Sony mods) in the past.   They were always trouble free and performed well sonically.
Dan Wright is an exceptional designer & person and what's really cool is he lives right here in Washington State.
Dan is a great provider.  I am on my third different unit from him and he is always willing to go the extra mile to provide service and insight.
I agree, Dan is very knowlegdable and a great person to work with.
I bought a used LS100 here on Audiogon and had some questions about it. Dan didn’t have to, but he was very patient and helpful in answering some questions I had. Not to mention, the LS100 is a wonderful piece of gear. I also like that he’s here in WA state making all the cool things he does in my "back yard".
My experience mirrors everyone else's.  When my ModWright/Oppo 105 suffered a problem that was clearly an Oppo issue, ModWright handled it anyway, to my complete satisfaction. Thanks to Dan and Kristen Rose Boyd of ModWright for superlative service and support.
PHD, Big Greg,

It's nice to hear from guys that are also in Washington State. I live on Whidbey Island, moved here in 1971 to the north end of this sixty three mile long island.

It's great, shipping to Amboy only takes one day. By the way, I spent all night reinstalling my MW phono stage, cleaning all connections, and sorting out cables to gain more clearance between power cables and IC cables. Just as Dan reported, the unit is now quieter than a church mouse, and sounded spectacular. 

I was up all night, and listened to my first LP at 5:00 in the morning, Steely Dan's Gaucho. Oh, my!

Best regards, and as the Aussies would say, Happy Christmas!
I own an LS100, and Dan has been patient and forthcoming with all of my questions. He's a peach of a guy and I'd buy Modwright equipment again.

Well thank you islandmandan, great minds do think alike!
I mirror what everyone has said above, had an issue with my Modwright/Oppo 105 which turned out to be a software upgrade and if it not for Kristin and Dan walking me through the steps and taking the time, I would still be struggling with the issue. Would definitely buy any one of their products when the time comes. What a great company.
In major agreement here, Dan and Kristen are quite possibly the best in the business, great equipment and fantastic service... I currently use two Modwright KWA150se in mono for the stereo, and one for my fronts for theater. Also using a Modwright PH 9.0 phono pre-amp and I can tell you it is a work of art... fantastic.
Also had Dan modify a Sony HAP-Z1ES HDD Audio Player that also works brilliantly... no complaints of any kind from my point of view. I have slowly worked my way up the ladder in Dan's pre-amp selection and am dreaming of the day I can purchase the new LS300, and oh what a day that will be!!!!
Absolutely no surprise. 
My one repair experience was the same. The repair was the laser drawer on a ten year old Sony nothing to do with Dan's mods.
Can anyone recommend a guy who can modify the digital part of a blu ray DVD player? I talked to Dan Wright of Modwright; he admitted that he neither have the technical skills nor the time to do the work. What he does is replacing the analog part of a CD/DVD player, but I only use my new Pioneer Elite LX-500 as a transport to be connected with a high-end DAC - no matter what you do to improve the analog part, the internal DAC of a DVD player (like Oppo, Cambridge Audio, or Pioneer Elite) is shitty - cannot be compared to my Rockna Signature Balanced. So I am looking for a guy to install an I2S board, a new power supply and take out the entire analog part of LX-500. I watch loads of Bluray DVDs for operas and concerts - this is no alternative to this heightened experience (cannot go back to listening to operas via CDs). Can anyone kindly recommend?
I am a little confused here.
If you are using only as a transport then whether it has a " shitty DAC" or not is irrelevant.

Now upgrading the power supply is a whole nuther matter and very likely worth pursuing.

Whether you will find anybody both willing and capable of integrating an i2s board into it is a different story entirely. And if so would it be cost effective to yourself?
Good luck!