Kudos to Audiogon Service

With all of the knocks against Audiogon (mostly deserved) that get thrown around, I thought it was valuable to report that I just had a very positive experience with Tammy in Audiogon customer service.  

I asked for assistance with an issue that wasn't clearly black and white in my favor, and Tammy got it resolved within 24 hours.  On the weekend.  Thank you.
My experience with Audiogon in general - and with Tammy in particular - has been exceptional. Of course there are occasional hiccups - that's the nature of technology and business. But I have found that issues are thoughtfully and promptly addressed, and you can't ask for more than that. 
Since Tammy arrived at A’Gon.....the member service and intelligence quotient applied to queries and problems has reached a level the previous admin never attained nor wanted.