Kudos to Acoustic Zen

I bought a pair of AZ Double Barrels, used, on Audiogon and, because of the configuration and the weight, all 4 bananas at the amp end broke off. I sent them to AZ, asking them to repair them and replace with spades, and, because I bought them used, expected to pay at least $25 per termination (which was the minimum that many other speaker makers have charged through the years). They were re-terminated the same day, and returned to me by UPS at no charge! Not even for freight - and these weigh about 10 lbs - Now, beat that!
That reminds me. I need to send my Krakatoa back for a new upgraded male plug. They told me they would only charge for the plug only. Labor and shipping free. Good folks.
I had Tara fix a really old pair of Pandora interconnects once and same deal, free fix and free shipping, I think it is smart business, they probably knocked it out in 15 minutes and I have sung their praises a few times in these pages and they deserve it.

Kudos all around!
I was considering Acoustic Zen cables for my system and talked to the owner Robert Lee on the phone who advised me to go with the Double Barrels. Since these are shotgun bi-wire cables and my speakers are tri-wireable, I asked Robert if I should use a pair of Acoustic Zen Satori jumpers (which I had on hand) to jump from the midrange terminals to the tweeter terminals. He advised that the Satori jumpers would not be ideal in this case and offered to send me a set of the appropriate wire to use. Low and behold, a few days later the wires showed up, silver tipped, and at no charge at all! Great customer service!