Kublakhan. Re: Contact Space-Tech-Labs

Your posting on the Morrisson ELAD thread regarding
Space Tech Labs (@ space-tech-labs.com) failed as did
my efforts through search engines. Your posting has piqued
my curiosity in the Space Tech preamps and their products
in general. Any contact advice that you or other readers can
provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all.

Be well,
CB: Here's the website http://space-tech-lab.com/ just drop an "s".
Thank you, Dekay!

CB: You are welcome. He has some interesting stuff.
jesus coolbreeze you scared the hell out of me by posting with my name as a heading. i thought the morrison mafia had finally caught up with me.

thanks dekay for helping out.
I just bought his demo QA-113 preamp. I had it on for perhaps 40 to 50 hours before packing it in a box as I'm moving to the other end of the country. I highly recommend any of Albert's products.
Just so people know turbo you're referring to a space-tech-lab preamp. Albert is the owner/designer.

when you get a chance maybe you could write a review.

I appreciate the info you all have provided. Sorry for the
fright Kublakahn, and please do write a review

Take good care,
Will do the review soon. Just got back from seeing Roy Hargrove in concert - did he ever kick butt!