Kubala-Sosna Sensation

Has anyone compared directly the new Kubala-Sosna Sensation interconnect to the MasterBuilt Ultra interconnect or the Cardas Clear Beyond interconnect?
I’ve been to the mountain top...it’s pricey and precipitous up there! Recently got a pair of Pangea Balanced Premier XL interconnects for a budget system I was putting together and I figured why not check them out on my main system. Absolutely astounding...simply put, the Pangea’s allow me to experience my local Philadelphia Orchestra in my listening room. They are a large part of what I’m hearing and I must say, the sound is just fundamentally correct and musical across the frequency band, from lowest foundational notes to the airiest crystalline highs...they allow the warmth and dynamic contrast to bubble up and feed your soul with musical manna!
Your post is not remotely relevant to my very specific question.
Understand that Kubala cables are silky lubricated sounding and mushy sounding that pair well with soft tube jobs. As far as which Kubala version you go with here is the low down:

"The Kubala Realization is to have the Kubala Imagination and Kubala Anticipation after the Kubala Temptation of Kubala Emotion that yielded the Kubala Fascination that gave you the Kubala Elation of relieving the Kubala Sensation to your Kubala Constipation."

I had a full loom of Emotion when that was the coin of the realm, and did upgrade one interconnect-- at the earliest stage- to Elation- it was profoundly better in my system, which is a horn based, SET system.
Why not reach out to Kubala and see if you can try a piece, or he can direct you to a dealer who will provide a temporary loaner so you can do so? When I was living in the NE, it wasn't a big deal. Joe actually came over a couple times with my dealer. Nice guy- low key. I still use his cable. Works really well with the Lamm SET and Avantgarde Duo combination I run.