Kubala-Sosna power cords?

I just got a pair of Kubala-Sosna PCs, the emotion series. I have not heard of these, any comments? They will be hooked up to all Ayre gear.
Every cable sounds different in different systems. Although Muench's portrait "The Scream" is a masterpiece, I wouldn't want it in my house.
I use them on Spectral DMA 250, DMC 30ss and on Metronome Tech T2i sig cdp and they are phenomenal.
I was "THE" skeptic.....borrowed a pair of pwr. cables and hooked em up to My Mcintosch MC2102's....I was astonished as to how much better my system sounded! Cleaner and better detailed. I now own 4 of the emotions!
We compared a few different power cords at a recent NY Rave meeting. A KS cord was there and it easily bested the bunch on both the amp and the DAC. Definitely the nicest sounding power cord I've ever heard, and I've listened to a few. Pricey, but if you've got the cash and want the best ...

Yes, power cords definitely act as tone controls, so what works best in one situation may sound different in another. Don't you just hate this trial and error stuff when the costs are so high?

I agree with Ptmsonsulting about the high cost of this stuff. Yes, there is the issue that power cords can act as tone controls, the right ones "allow" a purity and clarity to come through. I think of it as a copy machine....if the paper is pure white and ultra finished, you get a better copy than if you use roughly surfaced yellowed paper....just my take.
Stringreen's comments ring true. Superb case in point: The Ridge Street Poiema 3 Signature power cord.
For quite a bit less money the # 2 contender in our power cord shootout is a new arrival on the scene:


It is a truely amazing cord. Both it and the KS blew away the rest of the cables that were on hand. Yes, the KS was a bit better, but this Kaplan Cable was awesome as well and far, far less $$$.
I agree with Bob.
Check out these Kaplan Cables. I have heard those ones and they are very promising offering from a very passionate audiophile (and cool guy in person). Its almost 3X lower price then KS is the icing on the cake. I am seriously considering auditioning of these cables with my PP & SET mono-blocks...................there is a lot of buzzzzzz about Kaplan Cable lately.