Kubala Sosna Emotion vs. Jena Valkyre speaker cabl

Any opinions on those two top contenders
I have the Kubala Sosna Emotion and like them very much. I have not compared the Jena but the Kubala speaker cables are detailed and warm and enhanced my system.
Can't comment on the Jena, as haven't heard it, but I have switched all my cabling to Kubala-Sosna Emotion. If you love music, you'll like the K-S. There are a number of threads about Kubala Sosna cables, you should check them out. If I recall correctly, one of the posters may have used both the Jena and K-S in their system (I think the K-S replaced the Jena, but perhaps he described the differences). One thing to watch for, though, as with any cables, is that you may have a speaker cable now that compensates for something the interconnects are doing (an example might be an interconnect is bright or balanced to the lean side of things, but the speaker cable used is dark and cancels that out); putting in a neutral speaker cable might let you better hear the rest of your system, but it would be a mistake to attribute any colorations from upstream to the speaker cable without first checking the rest of the system. My feeling with an all-K-S system is that the cables are remarkably balanced tonally, no one area standing out over the other in the frequency spectrum, though as a result their overall tonal balance might "sound" to some like it favors the midrange rather than the highs (I tend to believe many high-end cables err towards the brighter side in tonal balance). I think it's the most natural-sounding cabling I've had in my system, FWIW, and recommend it as a top candidate for people to audition in their system.