Kubala Sosna Cables - Reality Check

I am auditioning some of the Kubala Sosna Expression interconnects and speaker cables. My initial impressions are that these wires are a bit to the 'warm' side of neutral. (Not complaining or criticizing the cables - just making an observation). Have you gotten similar impressions in your rig with these cables?
I have the Kubala Fascination - xlrs and speaker cables to connect my Simaudio Supernova to Simaudio I7 to Sonus Faber Cremona M s. I find them to be fairly neutral and very quiet. Great cables.
Are they broken in, enough hours to know they are performing at top of their capability?

I ask because many (most?) cable has a settling in period and tonal balance can swing from bloated to bright as they make their way to neutral.

I know Joe Kubala very well, a SUPER great guy. Call him if you have doubts.
Yes, these are 'demo' cables, not new. I only say that they are sounding 'warm' in the context of my rig and compared to the JPS and Fusion Audio. More listening is definitely needed before I can say for certain. They sound good for sure...
emotions were warm--bit rolled in highs, golden in mids, a bit truncated in bass...reminded me of SET amps (a good thing). were a wonderful match to wilson WPs i had

when i tried a more transparent cable (AQ redwoods) i ended up having to ditch the wilsons
My experience with the Emotion digital cable was similar to rhyno's.
Stealth cables are much better!!
I was using KS Fascinations with tubes and Harbeths. Found them to be a 'warm' cable also - similar to Cardas.
It seems reasonable the KS could be ideal or less than ideal depending on other components or system context. The same could be said for Stealth or any cable for that matter.What cable is best with any compnent under any/all circumstances?
"Stealth cables are much better" with what?
Sounds like I am getting a number of 'yes's; the Kubala Sosna tend to have a 'warmer' tone in a number of different systems. Not bad; just a reality check for me...
I would agree with the "warmer" assessment, I guess, up through the Emotion line, though the "warmness" decreases somewhat as you go up the line. I would not characterize their top-of-the-line Elation cables as warm-sounding at all, though.
Yes, I would agree that Kubala Sosna cables are on the warm side of neutral.
I recently obtained a Kubala Sosna Expression Power Cord. My impressions are that, in its favor, it is a big tone cable with excellent tonal color. A lot of music assisted by the Kubala Sosna Expression will be involving because smaller musical images rendered via components using other power cords are too small. With bigger musical images, some detail is more easily heard.
On the other side of the ledger, it seems the treble extension is lacking. Openness and dimensionality attributes do not seem top tier, and can sound too thick if mated with the wrong component. The bass extension and control is also not a strong suit. For some, this power cord may just be what the audio doctor ordered, but care must be taken in matching it for best synergy. I will probably be selling this power cord and look for a power cord which better addresses the Expression's shortcomings (in my system). I do not know if the sound of the Expression power cord completely matches the attributes of the Expression interconnects or speaker cables, however there is a good chance that they are similar. The Expression is on the thick or fat side of neutral.
yes ks cables are warm cables but very refine, dark backgrounds and very refine midrange. I like them quite a bit.