Kubala / Purist audio / Gabriel Gold / Synergistic

RCA Interconnect Madness

I would appreciate users of each cable provide input on how the cable sounds in their system. What do these cables add or take away in a system?

Kubala Sosna Fascination
Kubala Sosna anticipation

Gabriel Gold Passion
Gabriel Gold Rapture

Purist audio Elementa
Purist Audio Aqeous

Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator
synergistic research Tesla Precision reference
Synergistic research Tesla Apex
Good luck.
I've owned two of the cables on your list... Gabriel Gold's Rapture and Synergistic's Precision Reference. They were both good, but different.

In my system, the SR's were incredibly detailed and spooky quiet, but the tonal balance wasn't quite right. A little too much emphasis in the highs. The GG's had a better tonal balance, just right in fact. But they weren't as resolving as the SR's. So it was a tradeoff.

I'm sure you're aware that cable performance is largely system dependent, so the most reliable source of information is to audition the cables in your own system.

FWIW, I don't buy $2K cables any more. I save my money for other things. Like magic fuses.

Hi i have been using Gabriel Gold Rapture Rs Ics for quite awhile now and have been very satisfied in my system Chord CPM-2600 integrated amplifier & Chord One cd player with Acoustat 1+1s electrostatic speakers they are a very good match.
I highly recommend that you audition the KS Fascination cables.

When I introduced them into my system, several years ago, I clearly recall feeling that the improvement was as if the bands went back and did a lot of rehearsing, on albums that I was very familiar with. Everything improved and the bands all sounded as if they were playing "tighter."

My next comment may be the highest praise of all. ...After watching me go through several equipment changes...speakers, amplification, source gear, etc., for the first time (after switching to Fascinations,) my wife asked what was different, when she came into my listening room. She said that it sounded as though the singer was in the room. ...and music/my audio obsession are not her thing.