Kubala Elation balanced digital cable - Any competition from Wireworld?

Everyone seems to rave about the Starlight Platinum 7 AES/ EBU cable. Does anyone know firsthand if it or any others operate at the level of the KS Elation? I haven’t found anything better to go from my PS PWT and Aesthetix Pandora Signature DAC. Thoughts?
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I don’t have 1st hand experience with the two cables you mentioned, though I know KS Elation has been compared to Jorma Prime cables which I use & and am very familiar with. WW punch well above their weight and are well made cables. That said, there is a big price differential to the KS Elation digital cable.

Digital cables in a similar price ballpark to the WW Platinum Starlight are Jorma’s 110ohm balanced digital cable, and Purist Audio Neptune & Dominus digital cables. PAD Neptune series is on the warm, rich side. And the next model up (Dominus) should be similar (both being copper). Whilst Jorma is more neutral and natural sounding, but also sounds harmonically rich.

I would think you’d have to spend a lot more than the KS Elation cable to clearly beat out any of the cables I mentioned though. The PAD 25th Anniversary (silver) would likely be a contender, but it’s msrp is a bit over 50% more than the KS cable.

Thanks melbguyone!

Sounds like I need to just stick with what I have or it is a losing proposition!