Kubala and Oritek

Hey all,

Have a couple of questions on IC's. My current system is SF Cremonia Auditors with Aural Symphonic cables and IC's, and a DCC PC, rega planet and manley stingray. My goal was to tone down the highs and bring out the mids.
I recently tried the Kubala fasinations IC & speaker cables. Was interesting the impact they had on the system.
The IC's made biggest change. It more or less acheived what I was looking for, but the downside is, the bass is slightly rolled off and the cables dont seem as open. But overall a richer sound which certianly elimenates any chance of listening fatigue. They certianly prevail in vocals, but not convinced with all other aspects.
What my questions are, has anyone here had an opportunity to A-B the Kubala's and the Oriteks X-2 and what your impressions were? Secondly, how much of an improvement in sound quality do you get by going up the line in the Kubalas. Was possibly considering or wanting to try the expression IC's.
One thing I noticed about the Kubalas was there was less background noise ... seemed to smooth out sound. I did a search and didn't see any comparisons with these two yet.

Thanks for help
Can't give you a comparison of the Kubala-Sosna and Oritek, but can say that as you go up the line in the K-S line the frequency extremes get a bit better. I had originally auditioned a combination of Emotion cables for my satellites and Expression for the woofers (220Hz on down) and felt there was a little bloat in the bass that obscured the really deep bass until I switched to all Emotion cabling. Joe Kubala mentioned that the sonic signature of the cables is generally the same, and he confirmed that the main differences are at the frequency extremes.
Thanks RC, I'm being overly critical. They certianly have a very involving sound. Just soooo many choices out there. I'm just trying to narrow it down to a couple prior to making a commitment. I guess power cords are a whole other ball of wax.
I like the Oritek X-2 a lot...it seems to convey music's energy well without sounding thin or etched.

I have never tried the KS so have nothing to offer as a comparison.
Hey all, just wanted to update anyone thats interested. I had an opportunity to A-B them on my system. They are both terrific cables with suttle differences. The kubala has a softer presentation with a very warm and rich midrange. But, the bass didnt seem as deep or controlled as on the Oritek. I spent 2 weeks pondering over which one I should go with. I ended up with the Oritek X-2 IC's and the Kubala Fasination PC. Together I achieved my goal, for now. The PC seems to bring alittle of that magic along with it.
I just want to say the customer support on both products is superb. I was astonished how devoted both Ori and Joe are. Strongly suggest giving both products a try, can't go wrong either way.



What type of K-S ic did you use ?

Mattheus, I tried the Fasination ICs and Speaker cables. Was an interesting comparison. Be nice to be able to come up with the best traits of each and put them into one.. Holy Grail quest I suppose.