KT88 single ended amp recommendations please

i am looking for recommendations for single ended kt88 amps that would go with a passive pre and high efficency speakers(100db).price between 1500$ and 2500$ new or used.
I am very happy with my PrimaLuna Prologue Two. The Prologue Five is under your budget (new) but a worthwhile contender IMO.
I've never heard of a KT88 SET amp. The PrimaLuna is push-pull is it not?

Your choices are very wide for an SET amp that uses a DHT like a 2A3 or 300B, but not a tetrode. Just curious why you want an amp that uses the KT88.
100db? go with 300Bs!
That was my question as well, Herman. Why would you want a KT88 SET amp?

And yes, the PrimaLuna is push/pull.
Well, speak of the KT88 devil:
Audiopax makes one too even though it is not a conventional SET amp and probably over the $$ limit.
unison makes a set that use kt88 but not less than $2500
There is no such thing as a KT88 SET amp. SET is an acronym for Single Ended Triode. Triode refers to the tube. The KT88, along with it's cousin, the 6550, is a tetrode tube usually used in a push-pull design - not single ended.

Antique Sound Lab makes one.. single ended Kt88 15 watts pentode and 5 watts triode.

see here


The two best KT88 single ended amps I've heard are:

Acoustic Masterpiece M101. This is an Air-Tight design using terrific Tamura transformers. It can be wired as an "SET" in psuedo-triode mode for 5/5w or normally for 8/8w. It is among the half dozen clearest and most objective amplifiers I've heard. It is not a good candidate for use with a passive preamp, however. It has just a 12ax7 ahead of the KT88, so voltage gain is low, input sensitivity is low. It takes over 2 volts to drive it to full power.

Audion makes excellent SE KT88 amps in a circuit they call "ETSE" or Extended Triode Single-Ended. Their single tube KT88 amps are 18/18w and have very high input sensitivity, so they are easily driven with small signals.

Both amps work well on 100 db/w/m speakers. I know as I have actual experience with such a combination.

I know that the US Audion importer has a close-out on some demo amps from their current line.

I am going to be posting my previous-generation Audion ETSE KT88 integrated amp (with remote and 4-input switching) for sale soon in your stated price range. And I am going to be posting an Acoustic Masterpiece M101 soon as well, which I've used to drive Stax electrostatic headphones. If you have any interest, you're welcome to inquire. Or I'm happy to refer you to the Audion importer.

A single-ended KT88 amp is an especially good choice as a first tube amp for someone who has been listening to transistors. They are generally fast and open, with firm, articulate bass compared to most SETs.

100DB...why not 300B....45...2a3???...why kt88..why?why?why?..
300b is the way to go...if you want more power go with a 211 or a quality 300b push/pull class A tube amp

we can supply any of these to your specification
What about this:

Have not heard them myself though.
I have listened to the Hyperion KT88 SET amps.

To put it succintly, I simply loved these amplifiers with their speakers. Though, many prefer their solid state amps, in my opinion, the SET KT88 are easily my choice. Outside of the latter obviously bettering the tube amps in the areas of controlling the lower frequencies and delivering higher power, I found the tube amplifiers to be superior in all areas. They were simply more musical to my ears than the solid state amplifiers.

I have heard the Hyperion speakers with a wide range of amplifiers, from Hyperion and other companies. But, I have never heard them sound better than I heard them with their own tube amps.

At the $2700/pair that I was told, I believe they are an absolute steal.
You're the one, Trelja! I have the 938 speakers and currently on the lookout to change my Krell to a tube amp. Must get down to a dealer to try the HT88 out.